Volunteer Work for High School Students to Graduate-Nursing Paper Examples

Do you Think High School Students Should be Required to Do Volunteer Work to Graduate?

It is every student’s dream to complete their high school education. American high schools have in the recent past required students to complete voluntary work to graduate. Proponents contend that involving students in external voluntary work has its benefits, while opponents argue that it is a waste of time. Some learning institutions have made it mandatory, and students must complete at least 100 hours with a government entity or non-profit organization to be eligible to graduate.

However, we must also acknowledge that voluntary work possesses drawbacks that requires addressing. More so, especially for voluntary community service and school-required community service. While voluntary work’s drawbacks may seem insignificant, I argue its benefits are profound as they cultivate social responsibility, create networking opportunities, and enhance academic achievement.

Volunteer Work
Volunteer Work

Volunteer work involves interactions with community members cultivating a sense of social responsibility for students. Social responsibility exists in different contexts but primarily in fulfilling civic duties that directly or indirectly benefit communities. Every community entails the composition of the privileged and the less fortunate. For example, helping the elderly means that students should fulfill the duty of providing service. Consequently, and transcend changing lives to learning valuable life lessons. Life is dynamic and goes beyond the school compound (Volunteer Work).

In my opinion, I would argue making voluntary work mandatory because it provides unparalleled exposure to real-life situations. Hence, allow students to reflect on their personal lives and determine future career paths. Voluntary work builds a student’s self-esteem and self-worth. Regardless of the type of voluntary work identified, students acquire an understanding of people, their well-being and cultures, community orientation, and the roles they can play to improve them. Community involvement informs students of their social responsibilities.

After graduation, some students can further their studies while others can capitalize on networking opportunitiesreply to these discussion post. initial Discussion question from volunteer activities. One hundred hours of volunteer work may seem a lot for students, but it depends on how they exploit opportunities for future community involvement. Life outside school indeed depends on building networks and relations with other people. However, students can take advantage of voluntary activities to build relations with potential employers for future employment and community involvement.

A student can voluntarily take a coaching role in a children’s football club to enhance player’s skills and build a formidable team. However, considering this as a fun activity, the students involves himself in club-level management decision-making and sponsors. Hence, placing them in positions considered for future career-building opportunities. However, students who choose not to participate in voluntary work often have limited employment opportunities after graduation because they lack experience in community-related services. Students must network with communities actively.

Although voluntary work should be optional, some schools require students to attain more outstanding academic achievements. Most American schools require students involvement in voluntary work to enhance their chances of graduating. However, detractors argue that school-required community service wastes student’s studying time, especially for those with dismal academic performance.

This analogy creates a debate on whether to exempt underperforming students or should their performing peers also not participate in voluntary work. Nevertheless, since the introduction of voluntary work in American high schools over the years, student performances have improved significantly, with students clearly understanding their roles in society. Therefore, considerations to exempt some students from community service cannot be made (Volunteer Work).

In most cases, voluntary work applies to punish criminals, juvenile delinquents, and illegal immigrants. They remain subjected to activities such as garbage collection, trench excavation, and road fixing.  A similar purpose remains non-replicated in learning systems. Consequently, because voluntary work in High schools is meant to supplement academic performance and enhance student eligibility to graduate.

upon making comparisons between students involved in voluntary work and the non-participants , results reflects in their academic performance. Consequently, the latter performs dismally while those involved in community service record higher results. It explains why some students have higher chances of graduating than others (Volunteer Work).

American high schools require students to serve at least 100 hours of voluntary work. Voluntary work happens through community services. Some perceive that voluntary work exhibits drawbacks, but their benefits are more significant as students acquire social responsibility, network with communities, and improve academic performance. Students learn about civic duties and how they can contribute to their societies after graduating.

They create links with community members and institutions hence securing future employment opportunities and community involvement. Likewise, voluntary work equips students with relevant knowledge applicable to their studies and improves their overall academic performance. It is important to note that American high schools require their students to participate in the work to develop all-rounded students in learning systems and social settings. I believe that high school students sought to do volunteer work to graduate (Volunteer Work).

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