2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Topic and Setting Submission-Visually Impaired Students-Nursing Paper Examples

Remote Learning for Visually Impaired Students

Fear of the unknown causes the visually impaired child to be afraid to explore. Overprotective adults might also prevent them from exploring. The kids will not develop meaningful notions or language to explain or think about them until they have actual experiences (Illinois State Board of Education, 2020). The study recognizes the challenges of at-home instruction and remote learning for teachers and parents/guardians of blind or visually impaired children (Visually Impaired Students).

Visually Impaired Students
Remote Learning for Visually Impaired Students

For some, this condition is exacerbated by a lack of dependable internet connectivity and/or a lack of technology in the home. The study also recognizes that all students with disabilities have the right to a free and decent public education (FAPE). During the mandated suspension of in-person education in schools or the need to teach remotely, teachers must provide ongoing learning opportunities to their students.

However, successful online learning opportunities depend on various variables, such as technology and access, teacher and parent schedules, responsibilities, personal considerations, and other issues (Illinois State Board of Education, 2020). The research paper aims to explore remote learning for visually impaired students, understand the challenges, and recommend interventions or strategies teachers can use to promote learning and ensure meaningful engagement with all learners.

The research paper will focus on learning in online or remote education settings. Students with cognitive impairment face significant challenges in physical classrooms. Contemporary online learning presents additional and more complex challenges. However, teachers are required to offer equal educational opportunities for all students. Therefore, developing strategies to help teachers promote learning for visually impaired students in remote learning is fundamental.   

Research Questions

RQ 1: How does visual impairment influence learning in online classes?

Q 2: How do individuals with visual impairment perform in an online learning environment, and what strategies can improve performance?

RQ 3: What tools can teachers and students with visual impairment use to improve the learning of relevant course materials in an online course?


Illinois State Board of Education. (2020, April). Remote learning for students who are blind or visually impaired. https://www.isbe.net/Documents/B-VI-Ideas-During-Pandemic.pdf

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