Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples

Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples

Visual representation is defined as a graphical representation of data and concepts. It ranges from simple maps and schematic diagrams to computer-generated 2D and 3D visualizations (Fishkin, 2017). However, there is no limit on what may be visually represented but excludes textual and mathematical quantities and relationships. The use of visual representation is advantageous in that they are more attention-grabbing and engaging (Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples).

Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples
Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples

Visuals are usually outstanding and therefore offer the best means of sharing data and expressing ideas. This acknowledges the ideology of sharing information to build on existing data and explore new concepts. The other advantage is that visuals deliver information more directly in statistical representation. Furthermore, the use of visuals as charts gives much information at a single glance. The other advantages include better flexibility, and increasing the data’s credibility being represented on a particular platform (Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples).

Although visual representation exhibits many advantages, it has its shortcomings. The disadvantage of visual representation includes distortion and distraction of the information when the design and the visuals are not drawn well (Skjølsvik, & Breunig, 2018). Moreover, false and poor representation distorts the data being represented. The other disadvantage is that it distracts from the message since a virtual with wrong information causes distraction and distracts the message the image is purported to display in the data presented (Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples).

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It is essential to present raw numbers along with visual elements when representing the research findings in statistics. The raw data need to be represented in a simple and easy-to-understand method, which is achieved using visual elements. The collected data in raw format are usually extensive and contain inherent information that makes them difficult to understand. The raw data need to be summarized, analyzed, and processed through the use of virtual elements (Visual Representation-Nursing Paper Examples).


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