Unit 6 Discussion – Health Promotion-Nursing Paper Examples

Health Promotion

The health maintenance exam presents an opportunity to spend time with their patients on disease prevention and health promotion. Many physicians recommend that an individual’s physical examination every year is essential to enhance the delivery of necessary preventive services (Elamin et al., 2015). Additional benefits include lessening the patient’s worry and allowing the provider to strengthen their relationships with the patients. Most importantly, every provider’s responsibility remains to decide on the specific individual patient frequency of tests. In addition, Performing examinations using health maintenance guidelines (Health Promotion).

Health Promotion-Nursing
Health Promotion-Nursing

The patient is a 40-year-old woman and the adult health maintenance guideline (AHMG) recommends several physical exams and screening tests. According to High Mark (2021), this patient should have a health maintenance (HME) every 2-3 years or a physical exam carried out every two years. Every year, the woman should have a pelvic and breast exam. She also require screening for obesity. Consequently, if the body mass index is above 30 kg/m2, referred to an intensive, multicomponent behavioral intervention.

Furthermore, She requires additional exams for various types of cancer like thyroid, mouth, skin, and ovary every two to three years. She should also get a clinical breast exam every 1 to 2 years but ensure that she has a self-exam for the breasts every month. During the HME, this client should also be screened for smoking, alcohol or drug use, osteoporosis, and depression. A lipoprotein pane glucose test is also recommended every five years as the client is passed 20 years old (Health Promotion).

The nurse preceptor served as an educator, role model liaison, and facilitator during the topic of HMGs. She used effective communication strategies like reflective and interactive measures to sustain the learning and designed the subtopics to ensure that giving and receiving feedback was easy. In most of the questions on whether she had had the necessary tests and screening, she responded in the affirmative. She reported she took a keen interest in her health once she realized she had the pedigree for breast cancer, losing her maternal grandmother and her mother to the disease through her family history (Darooei et al., 2017) (Health Promotion).

The grandmother succumbed at the age of 62 years while the mother died at 51 years.Naz et al. (2018) note that HBM educational interventions increase the health motivation in women concerning breast cancer. To sum up, using educational-based interventions to promote self-care creates solid ground to encourage breast cancer screening behavior among women. The utilization of HMGs significantly contributes to regular screenings and tests. Moreover, where diseases are detected, diagnosed, and treated early enough (Health Promotion).


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