Week 2 Transformative Leader Presence-Nursing Paper Examples

Discussion Response ( Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples)


You have a comprehensive and informative discussion on the application of leadership skills during the treatment of adult obesity using behavioral intervention. As a transformational leader, you have adequately explained the need to communicate the project goals, which constitute behavioral interventions like lifestyle changes and engagement in physical activity. I agree with your approach to leading adult obesity treatment. It conforms with the nursing care plan, which requires nurse leaders to assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate (Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples).

You have comprehensively analyzed and employed problem-solving skills in assessing the context of adult obesity as a health problem requiring comprehensive care through interprofessional collaboration. I agree with your observation that project team members like dietitians, diabetes experts, and health coaches should be involved in the planning and implementation of the identified behavioral interventions (Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples).

Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples
Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples

According to Jankelová and Joniaková (2021), effective communication is ideal for a collaborative work environment and alignment of team member’s activities with the established project goals. In this case, the professionals can effectively raise awareness about diabetes through effective communication with the patients, increasing the potential of achieving project goals (Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples).

As a leader, it is important to establish open communication channels to foster collaboration among professionals. You should employ critical thinking skills when diagnosing and developing the goals of the intervention plan to ensure that the team members’ needs are identified and addressed (Cameron et al., 2022). Being mindful of the team members’ needs enhances connection with the team, making it easy to promote open-mindedness throughout the implementation of the treatment goals (Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples).

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It is also necessary to be non-judgmental to enhance collaboration with the team members. Moreover, as a leader, I recommend that you show gratitude while assessing the team members’ performance (Cameron et al., 2022). The dietitians, diabetes experts, and health coaches require some motivation through rewards to appreciate and give them a reason to continue striving towards the treatment objectives. The rewards will also help you as a leader to balance the success and shortcomings of the team members to help nurture a work environment that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, employee development, and empathy (Transformative Leader-Nursing Paper Examples).


Cameron, K. S., Quinn, R. E., & DeGraff, J. T. (2022). Competing values leadership. (3rd ed.). United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing.

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