transformation of nursing

Transformation of Nursing Practice


In this discussion, you will focus on the current dialogue centering on the transformation of the nursing practice discipline. Each student’s perception of the transformation of nursing practice and the discipline vacuum’s influence on nursing practice will be explored. Among your readings in this unit is material that examines the state of nursing science and the global community. Reflect on these readings, and then submit a post in which you offer some potential strategies to develop nursing knowledge relevant to the health of the global community. Challenge the Western perspective, particularly in terms of definitions, relationships, and assumptions related to nursing phenomena.

Transformation of Nursing Practice-Sample Solution

In the more networked and connected world, global health is a vital consideration for every healthcare provider, including nurses. The Covid-19 virus illuminated the need for nurses to develop knowledge regarding the health of the global community. Nurses should look beyond their backyard because global health is inseparable from local health issues. Infectious diseases like Covid-19 do not recognize national borders and can spread rapidly across the globe. Thinking global should be adopted in academic exercise and nursing education to enrich perspectives, knowledge, and policies that connect local health to global health (Salvage & White, 2020). It is a nurse’s global obligation to understand the world extensively and make decisions based on this broader understanding. Nurses should start by learning and understanding globalization policies and politics because the increasing interdependence and international forces shape a country’s policy and action (Salvage & White, 2020).(Transformation of Nursing Practice Essay)

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Nurses should also integrate research conducted by the international community or nurses from other countries to understand perspectives on health. There are web-based resources for professional nurses to learn from the international community and access healthcare resources, including research from other nurses. Using shared knowledge increases nurses’ ability to advance health and health care (Wakefield, 2017). The role of nursing is changing through the knowledge acquired from information exchanges, necessitating nurses to go further and acquire knowledge on cultures of other countries to expand the scope of knowledge and perspective on global health. Nursing education programs should cater to these educational needs to ensure nurses can care for a patient at a time and influence the health of the entire global population. (Transformation of Nursing Practice Essay)

Still, there is a disparity between the western perspective of nursing and those of other countries, especially Asian countries like China and Japan. The two worlds vary regarding professional values, including human diversity, nurses’ roles, and political activism. The United States is increasingly becoming a multicultural community, and the various dimensions of humans, including heritage, culture, disability, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation, influence daily nursing practice (Xu, 2018). Most Asian countries or Eastern nations are monocultures or have minimal human diversity, particularly regarding race and sexual orientation. Nurses in the US play an active role in political activism and advocating for the profession and patients, unlike Asian nurses, that have a long way to go regarding their role in political activism or advocacy (Xu, 2018). Although there is a growing uptake of full practice authority of nurses in the West, it is vital also to consider that assumptions like nurses are doctor’s personal assistants and nurses do take breaks still exist and impact nurse treatment in healthcare hospitals where they are overworked and undervalued.(Transformation of Nursing Practice Essay)

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Transformation of Nursing Practice Essay


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