A Detailed List of Top 100 DNP Project Ideas on Telehealth

 Are you a DNP student looking to make a real impact in the world of healthcare? Look no further as we have compiled a comprehensive list of innovative DNP project ideas on telehealth. In today’s fast-paced digital age, telehealth has become more important than ever, providing convenient access to healthcare services at the touch of a button.
As a DNP student, you have the opportunity to develop projects that harness the power of telehealth to improve patient outcomes, enhance access to care, and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. From creating virtual patient education programs to implementing remote monitoring technologies, the possibilities are endless when it comes to telehealth project ideas.

DNP Project Ideas on Telehealth

What are DNP Projects and Their Significance in Nursing Practice?

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Projects are significant milestones in the journey of DNP Students towards becoming advanced practice nurses. These projects are an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge gained in their program to a real-world setting, making a tangible impact on nursing practice and patient outcomes. By tackling pressing issues in healthcare, DNP students are able to showcase their expertise and contribute to the advancement of the field.

Understanding the Role of DNP in Nursing

Understanding the Role of DNP in Nursing is crucial for improving health outcomes across various healthcare settings. Whether you work in the emergency department, intensive care unit, outpatient clinic, or skilled nursing facility, the role of a nurse practitioner with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is instrumental in ensuring high-quality patient care. From adolescents to older adults, the implementation of a standardized educational intervention can make a significant impact, especially in chronic disease management such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

By providing patient education, behavioral health support, and integrated care in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, DNPs can enhance care delivery and nurse leadership in the healthcare system. Nonetheless, by implementing a meaningful project that addresses a specific health care policy issue, DNPs can make a lasting impact on health care delivery and nursing staff satisfaction within an organization.

Impact of DNP Projects on Quality Improvement in Nursing Practice

DNP projects have had a significant impact on improving nurse knowledge and confidence in various areas of healthcare delivery. Through education to increase cancer screening rates, injury prevention strategies, and hypertension education, nursing students and healthcare providers are better equipped to provide high-quality care to patients. By addressing mental health issues and integrating palliative care into care models, outcomes among intensive care unit patients are improving. These projects also focus on reducing 30-day hospital readmission rates and improving care transitions for patients, ultimately leading to better quality of care.

Nurse Education and Training Programs

The implementation of DNP projects has been instrumental in developing practice change programs and improving nurse manager job satisfaction. Through collaborative care initiatives and survivorship care plans, nurses’ roles in addressing health care policy issues are expanding. Moreover, with a focus on educating and screening for substance use disorders and other health educational interventions, the integration of palliative care and survivorship care into the healthcare delivery system is being enhanced.

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Impact on the Community Health Workers

DNP projects have also had a positive impact on the role of community health workers in improving care delivery systems. By developing projects meaningful to the organization and addressing key issues such as hospital readmissions and care transitions, these workers are able to better support the health care needs of the community. Additionally, through education and training programs on survivorship care and the integration of palliative care, community health workers are better equipped to provide support to patients and their families.

How to Develop Innovative DNP Project Ideas?

As a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student, it is important to carefully select an area of focus for your project that is meaningful and relevant to current healthcare needs. One area that is gaining increasing attention is telehealth, which involves the use of technology to deliver healthcare services remotely. This emerging field offers opportunities for improving access to care, education, and resources for patients who may not have easy access to traditional healthcare settings.

When considering various options for DNP project areas, telehealth stands out as an issue that has the potential to greatly impact healthcare delivery and outcomes. By exploring telehealth as a potential project area, DNP students can contribute to the development of innovative solutions for improving patient care, education, and overall health outcomes.

Developing a project in the area of telehealth allows DNP students to engage with cutting-edge technology and approaches to healthcare delivery, while also addressing pressing issues in the field. By focusing on telehealth, students can develop a project that is not only meaningful to their own professional development, but also has the potential to make a real difference in improving healthcare access and delivery.

What Are Some Top Telehealth DNP Project Ideas?

Telehealth Heart Failure Management Project Ideas

  1. Development and Implementation of a Telehealth Program for Heart Failure Patients
  2. Remote Monitoring of Heart Failure Symptoms Using Wearable Devices
  3. Telehealth Interventions to Reduce Hospital Readmissions in Heart Failure Patients
  4. Assessing Patient Adherence to Heart Failure Medications via Telehealth
  5. Telehealth-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs for Heart Failure Patients
  6. Utilization of Telehealth for Early Detection of Heart Failure Exacerbations
  7. Telehealth Counseling to Improve Self-Management in Heart Failure Patients
  8. Implementing Telehealth for Home-Based Heart Failure Monitoring and Support
  9. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Virtual Heart Failure Clinics
  10. Telehealth Integration with Electronic Health Records for Heart Failure Management

Evaluating the Impact of Telehealth on Nurse Education Programs

  1. Incorporating Telehealth Training into Nursing Curricula
  2. Simulation-Based Telehealth Training for Nursing Students
  3. Assessing Nursing Students’ Competence in Telehealth Communication Skills
  4. Telehealth as a Tool for Enhancing Clinical Decision-Making in Nursing Education
  5. The Role of Telehealth in Continuing Education for Nurses
  6. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Telehealth Simulation Labs for Nursing Students
  7. Developing Telehealth Competency Frameworks for Nurse Educators
  8. Telehealth as a Teaching Modality in Nursing Programs
  9. Telehealth and Interprofessional Education: Enhancing Collaboration in Nursing Training
  10. Impact of Telehealth Training on Nursing Students’ Clinical Skills and Confidence

Antibiotic Stewardship Initiatives through Telehealth DNP Project Ideas

  1. Telehealth-Driven Antibiotic Stewardship Programs in Rural Healthcare Settings
  2. Implementing Virtual Consultations to Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions
  3. Telehealth-Based Patient Education on Antibiotic Use and Resistance
  4. Remote Monitoring of Antibiotic Prescriptions and Compliance
  5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Telehealth in Managing Antibiotic Stewardship in Long-Term Care Facilities
  6. Telehealth Interventions to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing Practices Among Primary Care Providers
  7. The Role of Telehealth in Reducing Antibiotic Use in Pediatric Patients
  8. Developing Telehealth Protocols for Antibiotic Stewardship in Acute Care Settings
  9. Impact of Telehealth on Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns in Emergency Departments
  10. Telehealth as a Tool for Real-Time Antibiotic Stewardship Consultations
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 Telehealth Chronic Disease Management Project Ideas

  1. Telehealth Interventions for Diabetes Management
  2. Remote Monitoring of Hypertension via Telehealth
  3. Telehealth Programs for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Management
  4. Virtual Support Groups for Chronic Disease Patients
  5. Telehealth-Based Nutritional Counseling for Chronic Disease Patients
  6. Remote Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management through Telehealth
  7. Telehealth Solutions for Managing Chronic Kidney Disease
  8. Utilizing Telehealth for Asthma Management in Children
  9. Telehealth Approaches to Improve Medication Adherence in Chronic Disease Patients
  10. Evaluating Telehealth’s Role in Chronic Disease Patient Education

Telehealth Mental Health Project Ideas

  1. Telehealth for Managing Depression in Primary Care
  2. Virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Programs
  3. Telehealth Solutions for Anxiety Disorders
  4. Implementing Telehealth for Substance Abuse Treatment
  5. Telehealth Interventions for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  6. Remote Monitoring of Mental Health Symptoms
  7. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Telehealth-Based Mental Health Crisis Intervention
  8. Telehealth for Geriatric Mental Health Care
  9. Virtual Support Groups for Mental Health Patients
  10. Telehealth Solutions for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Telehealth in Pediatric Care Project Ideas

  1. Remote Monitoring of Pediatric Asthma
  2. Telehealth-Based Parent Education Programs
  3. Virtual Pediatric Consultations for Rural Communities
  4. Telehealth Interventions for Managing Childhood Obesity
  5. Remote Developmental Screening for Young Children via Telehealth
  6. Implementing Telehealth in Pediatric Emergency Care
  7. Telehealth for Pediatric Palliative Care
  8. Virtual Follow-Up Care for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Graduates
  9. Telehealth Solutions for Pediatric Behavioral Health
  10. Evaluating the Impact of Telehealth on Pediatric Vaccine Compliance

Telehealth for Special Populations Project Ideas

  1. Telehealth Services for Veterans with Chronic Conditions
  2. Virtual Care Programs for Homeless Populations
  3. Telehealth for Managing Chronic Conditions in Immigrant Populations
  4. Implementing Telehealth for Indigenous Health Services
  5. Telehealth Solutions for Managing Health in the Incarcerated Population
  6. Telehealth-Based Support for Caregivers of Patients with Dementia
  7. Virtual Health Services for Patients with Disabilities
  8. Telehealth Programs for LGBTQ+ Health Services
  9. Remote Monitoring and Support for Patients with Rare Diseases
  10. Evaluating Telehealth Services for End-of-Life Care

Telehealth in Emergency and Critical Care Projects

  1. Implementing Telehealth in Emergency Department Triage
  2. Remote Critical Care Consultations via Telehealth
  3. Telehealth Solutions for Disaster Response and Management
  4. Virtual Support for Critical Care Family Members
  5. Evaluating the Impact of Telehealth on Emergency Medical Services
  6. Remote Monitoring of ICU Patients
  7. Telehealth for Stroke Management in Emergency Settings
  8. Implementing Telehealth for Trauma Care
  9. Telehealth-Based Follow-Up for Post-ICU Patients
  10. Virtual Emergency Care for Pediatric Patients

Innovative Telehealth Technology Project Ideas

  1. Developing Mobile Health Apps for Telehealth Services
  2. Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Telehealth Platforms
  3. Utilizing Virtual Reality for Telehealth Consultations
  4. Implementing Blockchain for Secure Telehealth Transactions
  5. Telehealth Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring with IoT Devices
  6. Evaluating the Use of Chatbots in Telehealth Services
  7. Augmented Reality Applications in Telehealth
  8. Telehealth Platforms for Multilingual Patient Support
  9. Integration of Telehealth with Wearable Technology for Chronic Disease Management
  10. Telehealth Solutions Using Drones for Medication Delivery

Telehealth Policy and Administration Project Ideas

  1. Developing Telehealth Policies for Rural Healthcare Systems
  2. Evaluating Telehealth Reimbursement Policies
  3. Implementing Telehealth Credentialing and Privileging for Healthcare Providers
  4. Telehealth Program Development for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  5. Assessing the Impact of Telehealth on Healthcare Access and Equity
  6. Evaluating the Legal and Ethical Implications of Telehealth
  7. Implementing Quality Improvement Initiatives in Telehealth Services
  8. Developing Telehealth Strategic Plans for Healthcare Organizations
  9. Evaluating Patient Satisfaction with Telehealth Services
  10. Telehealth for Reducing Healthcare Costs and Improving Efficiency

How Can DNP Projects Contribute to Quality Improvement Initiatives?

Addressing Readmission Rates through DNP Quality Improvement Projects

One way DNP Projects contribute to quality improvement is by addressing readmission rates among patients. These projects focus on improving the quality of care provided by health care providers to reduce the likelihood of readmissions. The College of Nursing plays a crucial role in educating and training these nurses to develop meaningful projects that target specific issues within the health care delivery system. Issues such as urinary tract infection or poor sleep quality can be addressed through education and screening initiatives led by certified nurses. By focusing on perioperative education and implementing care policies to improve outcomes, the goal is to ultimately reduce readmission rates and enhance the overall health of the community served by the health agency.

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Implementing Advance Care Planning Protocols in Inpatient Settings

One policy issue to develop in inpatient settings is the lack of standardized advance care planning protocols for patients. To address this issue, healthcare providers can work on developing a project that focuses on creating guidelines and procedures for discussing and documenting advance care preferences with patients. This would involve education to improve staff communication skills and ensure that patients are fully informed about their options. By developing a project like this and implementing it in inpatient settings, healthcare facilities can provide more meaningful care that aligns with patients’ wishes and values.


As a DNP student delving into your projects, you are not only gaining valuable experience and knowledge but also preparing yourself to become a leader in the field of nursing. The significance of DNP projects lies in their potential to drive innovation, improve patient care, and shape the future of nursing practice. However, we understand developing a DNP final project or proposal can be a challenging task. Therefore, you can reach out to our writing services for further academic assistance. Our team of competent writers are ready to turn your project ideas into reality and make an impact in nursing.


1. What is a DNP project in the context of telehealth?

A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project related to telehealth involves implementing quality improvement initiatives in nursing practice, particularly in primary care settings or outpatient clinics, through the use of telehealth technologies.

2. How can telehealth be utilized for quality improvement projects in nursing practice?

Telehealth can be integrated into DNP projects to streamline care processes, standardize protocols, and enhance health outcomes. For example, a DNP project might focus on using telehealth for advance care planning or nurse education programs.

3. What are some common areas of focus for DNP telehealth projects?

Common areas of focus for telehealth DNP projects include primary care screening, implementing telehealth in emergency departments, improving care planning in intensive care units, and enhancing care coordination in primary care clinics.

4. What role does telehealth play in nurse-led quality improvement initiatives?

Telehealth enables nurse practitioners and registered nurses to play a more active role in leading quality improvement initiatives, such as implementing antibiotic stewardship programs or integrating palliative care into acute care settings.

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