Theoretical Framework Annotated Bibliography

  1. For This Assignment, The Student Will Create An Annotated Bibliography: (Please refer to the Module 5: Resources to Enhance Learning and view video instructions and provided exemplars).
    • Identify a theoretical framework which the student would like to explore as having significance to their future practice as a DNP. This can be a theory the student identified earlier as potentially having significance for their phenomenon of interest. The theoretical framework could be one the student identifies upon exploring identified DNP projects which spark interest. The theory could also be one in which the student simply wants to explore for future use. List the theory/theoretical framework as the “heading” for each annotation.
    • Complete a literature review. Once the theory has been identified, the student will conduct a literature review looking for scholarly articles in peer reviewed, academic journals in which the theory was applied or explored. The chosen article could be one in which the theoretical framework was used to support a claim or thesis where evidence was presented, introduced in a DNP project, or one in which a theory was used in a research report or evidenced based practice.
    • Choose three scholarly articles to review for Annotated Bibliography development. From the literature review, three scholarly articles should be chosen for the development of an Annotated Bibliography. The articles should either be written about the theoretical framework or the article should demonstrate application of the theory in research or evidence based practice. For each of the three chosen articles the student will use the “Source Evaluation Matrix,Download Source Evaluation Matrix,” to evaluate each article. Read each article then rate each article in the seven categories of the evaluation matrix: Authorship, Publisher, Currency, References, Writing, Bias, & Relevance. Rating is stronger on left and weaker on the right. The student will focus on where the article is strongest and weakest and include this in the annotation assessment. PLEASE NOTE: You are required to submit the completed Source Evaluation Matrix for each article.
  2. APA 7th Edition Guidelines must be followed for this assignment.
  3. Submit a proper APA Title Page for this assignment.
  4. Scholarly writing rules must be followed for the assignment to include proper sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  5. Read the Instructions and Grading GuidelineDownload Instructions and Grading Guideline for content and point allocation.
  6. This assignment counts 100 points.
  7. Review the course calendar for assignment due date and time.

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