The Relationship between Love-Marriage and Sex-Nursing Paper Examples

Love-Marriage and Sex

Love-marriage, and sex go together. Traditionally, the presence of sex meant the presence of love and marriage. Love had to exist for marriage and sex to exist. Marriage encompasses sexual intimacy as well as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy. Each dimension of a married couple connects with the other. If a married couple stops bonding emotionally or paying attention to one another, the other dimensions of the relationship suffer, especially the physical expression of Love (For Your Marriage)(Love-Marriage and Sex).

 Love-Marriage and Sex
The Relationship between Love-Marriage and Sex

A loving relationship or marriage requires sexual intimacy for pleasure, strengthening the couple’s bond, and helping them remain united in facing challenges. Couples in love and are passionate about each other can solve problems such as bringing up children, financial struggles, and extended family issues with ease. Marriage calls for people to love each other consistently, and sexual intimacy remains a requirement at all stages of marriage.

Initially, a couple has intense sexual intimacy full of kissing, caressing, romantic dinners, loving words, walks, and sharing thoughts and feelings. However, as the family grows, sexual intimacy suffers, affecting other dimensions of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy (For Your Marriage). Sustaining passion and attraction requires a conscious decision and individual effort to ensure sexual and emotional connection come effortlessly. Spouses must consider the other a priority, even before the kids, work, and extended family (Love-Marriage and Sex).

They should continue having occasional dinners and dates to strengthen the love and ensure they remain connected in all dimensions. Couples should create a culture of lovemaking to ensure the relationship remains romantic. Courting should be ongoing to win each other’s love every day. Most married people grow apart because they fail to re-tool the essential things in their earlier relationships. Love, sex, and marriage are connected, and when one fails, others suffer.

Love also involves how spouses complement each other. Those in marriage or relationships are drawn to one another by both their similarities and differences. Men express their passion by initiating lovemaking, being purposeful, protecting, and remaining committed. Women, in most cases, are playful, enticing vulnerability and feelings. These differences stimulate passion (For Your Marriage) (Love-Marriage and Sex).

A couple needs to strike a balance between certainty and excitement. Love comes with closeness, and distance can also create passion and desire. However, too much distance can affect the connection and the attraction of two unique persons, which are fundamental for intimacy and sex. Love is about enjoying everything with the other spouse. When people enter marriage, they are called to love and to be loved (Love-Marriage and Sex).

Their love for each other should be unconditional, passionate, and exquisite. Married love should be unimaginable, and it should come first. Making a partner a priority enables intimacy to blossom into an everlasting and deepening love. A couple cultivating marital eroticism continuously embodies the marriage’s mystical meaning and aliveness that maintains sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy(Love-Marriage and Sex).


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