The Correct Things and Incorrect Things-Nursing Paper Examples-1

The Correct Things (The Correct Things and Incorrect Things)

On the proposal, the Grantee was able to follow proper procedures. When drafting the Grant, this correct procedure includes; the provision of receipts, which remained evident of the reimbursements usage during an audit. This provided a clear paper trail and transparency on the management and compilation of funds (Correct Things and Incorrect Things).

The other correct thing that the Grantee did was show the purchase of land and build alternative juvenile facilities in New Mexico. Accounting records hence provided to show the purchase and receipts of the utilization of those funds. The Grantee was able to accomplish the objectives and goals proposed in the Grant. They were content with the construction of the facility. The sum of the grant money in most of the proposed functions directly matches the intended function (Audit of the Office, 2015).

Incorrect Things (The Correct Things and Incorrect Things)

The Grantee has the following misrepresentation in the given proposed Grant. There were errors in documenting employee time spent on the grant project. Also, there remained seven purchase made by the Grantee 15 days after the end of the grant date, and in-turn deemed $ 10,443.  Moreover, Improperly providing timesheets for six employees cost the Grantee $69,572 as salaries were deemed unsupported costs (The Correct Things and Incorrect Things .

The Correct Things and Incorrect Things

Besides, the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council did not comply with grant matching funds’ essential award conditions. Thus, incurring $ 10,215 in unallowable costs of items purchased after expiring the grant dates resulted in unbudgeted indirect costs to the Grant. The land lease provided by Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council for land match support with Taos Pueblo did not provide the value of that land (Audit of the Office, 2015)(Correct Things and Incorrect Things).


Audit of the Office of Justice Programs Correctional Systems and Correctional Alternatives on Tribal Lands Program Grant Awarded to the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council Ohkay Owingeh, New Mexico. (2015, November). Audit Division GR-60-16-001. Retrieved from

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