Tackling the Plastic Problem-Nursing Paper Examples

Tackling the Plastic Problem

‘Tackling the Plastic Problem, One City (or Country) at a Time,’ an article published in the New York Times Magazine on the 22nd of April 2019, features Barbados, Seattle, Cambodia, and Scotland. Consequently, nations that have taken measures to environmental pollution through plastic recycling. Moreover, Witcher wrote the article to inform and persuade other nations to adopt similar measures to reduce detrimental environmental degradation. Notably, the article was published in the New York Times Magazine. Hence, a reputable source of 500 articles weekly and 65 blogs a day in the US.

Tackling the Plastic Problem
Tackling the Plastic Problem

Notably, the author interviewed reputable environmentalists to obtain credible information for this piece of writing. In an interview, Connie Smith, a staff in the Waste 0 Resources Trust in Barbados, claimed that plastics reduction would increase tourism. Moreover, since the visitors would have the mentality of clean and safe beach environments. Also, Janie Neumann, manager at the Visit Scotland Industry, opined that educating the public on environmental preservation makes them feel obligated to do so. For that reason, the article’s message manages to inform and persuade the public on ways to mitigate environmental plastics degradation. For instance, nations should establish plastic recycling systems to alleviate pollution.


Witcher, Z. (2019). Tackling the Plastic Problem, One City (or Country) at a Time. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/22/travel/tackling-the-plastic-problem-one-city-or-country-at-a-time.html

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