Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples

Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples

After graduate education, the national certification exam assesses the entry-level knowledge and skills of a PHMNP. This test aligns with APRN regulations, licensure, accreditation, and certification to practice professionally. Ideally, the exam requires preparation to ensure a perfect score, implying readiness to work with patients and provide clinical care. The practice test is fundamental to testing knowledge and skills that will be evaluated in the national certification exam. This paper reflects on the practice test results and includes SMART goals to address areas of improvement, a study plan, and relevant resources to help achieve the goals (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).

Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples
Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples

Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

I performed well in the practice test, implying an understanding of most course concepts and a mastery of what I learned in graduate education. I scored highly on questions about patient assessment, including obtaining a history and physical examination and establishing a mental status examination. I also scored well on questions about neurological function assessment per patient presentation, patient risk assessment, evaluating growth and development milestones, evidence-based practice, and research translation into practice (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).

Per the test results, I can confidently conduct comprehensive health assessments, identify treatment regimens and alternative treatments, and synthesize epidemiological data and evidence-based practice. Additionally, I scored well in questions on patient education and health promotion. I can effectively adopt strategies to promote cultural competence and spirituality, enhance health literacy, and guide the patient toward recovery. I can also confidently analyze ethical, legal, and social factors affecting health delivery and implications to PMHNPs (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).

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However, I need to improve my skills, knowledge, and competence in some areas. I did not do well in questions inquiring about knowledge of lab tests for various mental health and alcohol and substance abuse disorders. Therefore, I should research more into relevant lab tests and justify their significance in developing a diagnosis (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).

I also need to improve my knowledge of medication orders, the impact of medication, and considerations among patients with psychotic disorders. I realized that personality disorders are more challenging to diagnose. I should improve my ability to conduct comprehensive patient assessments of personality disorders and differentiate them from typical human behavior. Addressing these areas would bolster the chances of passing the national certification exam.

Study Plan


Study and practice regularly to improve knowledge on identifying lab tests for various mental health and alcohol and substance abuse disorders to achieve a perfect score in the national certification exam (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).

Study and practice regularly to enhance understanding of medication orders, risks, and considerations when prescribing for individuals with psychotic disorders to bolster chances of achieving a perfect score in the national certification exam.

Study and practice daily to conduct a comprehensive assessment of personality disorders to score perfectly in the national certification exam (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).


SMART GoalTasksTimelineEvaluation
Goal 1Search peer-reviewed journals, diagnostic guidelines, and booksWeekly: Monday and WednesdaySelf-evaluations, feedback from a preceptor or experienced provider, and mock tests
Shadow a preceptor or experienced provider.Weekly: FridayPerformance review by the preceptor
Access laboratory test interpretation documentsWeekly: Tuesday and ThursdayUndertake mock tests
Goal 2Access organizational guidelines and online sources like Medscape to learn more about medication for psychotic disorders and other mental health illnesses.Weekly: Wednesday-FridayTake mock tests
Access previous medical reports for insights into appropriate medication orders for various disordersWeekly: Tuesday-ThursdayTake mock tests
Engage a preceptor and experienced providers.Weekly: DailySelf-evaluation and performance review by preceptor
Goal 3Access databases like PubMed for publications on the history and physical of personality disordersWeekly: Wednesday-FridayExplain learning to others and obtain feedback.
Access diagnostic guidelines and DMS-5 for insights into signs and symptoms to considerWeekly: Tuesday-ThursdayGive self-assessments and mock tests
Engage a preceptor or experienced provider.Weekly: DailyPerformance review by preceptor
(Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples)


There are multiple medical and nursing databases and journals, including PubMed, Medline, BMC Psychiatry and organizational publication and guidelines by the Joint Commission, SA Health, and Institute of Safe Medical Practice I can access for information about appropriate lab tests for diagnosing mental illnesses and medication ordering and prescription for mental disorders (Grissinger, 2019). Peer-reviewed publications, books, and other online sources offer valuable information on conducting comprehensive patient assessments (Fossum et al., 2022) (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).

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I will also engage in group discussions and peer course reviews to expand my knowledge and learn from others (Abedini & Parvizy, 2019). I will adopt mnemonics to learn about diagnostic criteria for various mental disorders and remember medication categories (Ajayi et al., 2019). The instructor, preceptor, and other providers are also great resources with valuable knowledge and experience I can learn from.


Per the results, I performed well but am not entirely ready for the national certification exam. I need to continue studying and practicing to bolster my chances of passing the exam. The SMART goals and study plan developed are based on the identified areas of improvement. I have identified resources to help me meet these goals and pass the national certification exam. Lastly, I will adhere to the study plans through a strict time management strategy and discipline to achieve my goals (Study Plan-Nursing Paper Examples).


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Fossum, M., Opsal, A., & Ehrenberg, A. (2022). Nurses’ sources of information to inform clinical practice: An integrative review to guide evidence-based practice. Worldviews on evidence-based nursing19(5), 372–379.

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