Strategic Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples

Strategic Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples

My capstone change project aims to implement the evidence-based care bundle to prevent HAIs among hospitalized patients. However, the organization’s culture may hinder the implementation or success of an evidence-based change project. Based on the prevention of HAIs, the organization uses standard hygiene methods for infection prevention (IP). More so, such as hand washing with soap and water, which most healthcare professionals in the facility widely adopt (Strategic Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples).

Thus, one of the potential challenges in the organization’s culture remain the insufficient use of evidence-based practice in care provision. Hence, leading to a relatively lower quality of care and patient outcomes than if EBP remain fully implemented and maintained. Secondly, a lack of culture for change may limit the implementation of new evidence-based interventions (Strategic Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples).

However, creating a suitable strategic plan is instrumental in implementing the proposed nursing intervention. A strategic plan will lay a foundation for my project (Dang et al., 2021). The first step of my project entails identifying a problem with healthcare delivery and identifying potential strategies to address the problem. My identified problem is HAIs among hospitalized patients, while my intervention is an evidence-based care bundle. Second, I will create objectives for my project and expected measurable outcomes. Third, I will create awareness about my project Strategic (Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples).

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In this case, creating awareness of my project at this stage will make it easy to gain the stakeholders’ support since I have identified the problem and a solution, defined the objective, and set expected outcomes. After gaining the stakeholders’ support, I will devise the implementation process. Conducting a training program to educate the project’s implementation team (nurses and other healthcare professionals) remain essential.

Strategic Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples
Strategic Plan Summary

After three weeks of training, the actual implementation will be done where standard care will be substituted for an evidence-based care bundle to prevent HAIs. An evaluation and outcome analysis will be conducted to determine if the intervention is successful in reducing HAIs and making improvements toward sustaining the change (Strategic Plan Summary-Nursing Paper Examples).


Dang, D., Dearholt, S. L., Bissett, K., Ascenzi, J., & Whalen, M. (2021). Johns Hopkins evidence-based practice for nurses and healthcare professionals: Model and guidelines. Sigma Theta Tau.

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