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Stand Tall (Story Writing)

Friday signifies the end of an illustrious week for office people and students. It is a day that ushers the weekend. Everyone has their way of getting into the weekend. Some prefer to attend parties while others bond with friends and partners at various places. Last year, my friends and I decided to walk in the neighborhood while watching the sunset and chanting loudly. The week had been a rough one. We had just completed our final exams, which were a bit challenging (Story Writing).

Story Writing Nursing
Story Writing

Times change. Today, we hardly meet with friends because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone worldwide has changed their lifestyles and everyday interactions to ensure they keep themselves safe from contracting the deadly virus. In the beginning, most people perceived that the virus would be gone as soon as possible, but today, the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, businesses, and learning systems. Despite the rollouts of vaccines, there’s still a long way to return to how things were if we ever do (Story Writing).

One of my long-term goals has always been to start a small bakery within the neighborhood. Until now, I have not made any progress, given that the government enacted safety measures that have made it even more difficult for existing businesses to operate. Most restaurants shut down and sent employees home because, according to health regulations, restaurants are a public place that brings together many people (Story Writing).

Indeed, having many people assemble in one place encourages the spread of coronavirus, especially for people with preexisting conditions. Even though the pandemic indicates no signs of slowing, I have used this time to improve my baking skills and better understand running businesses and what to expect. The day we finally adopt the new normal, I just may also begin a new journey(Story Writing).

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