Descriptive Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples

Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples

The data from the National Cancer Institute on Lung and Bronchus Cancers (2018) covered Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, Pacific Islanders/Asians, and American Indian/Alaska Native ethnic groups. The data collection took place for 15 years, from 2000 to 2015. The portrayed data reveals a notable decrease in the rates of lung and bronchus cancers across the five population groups (Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Blacks have a mean average of 70.06875, indicating that the population had the highest rates of lung and bronchus per 100,000 people within 15 years. However, Hispanics had the lowest rates per 100,000 people, recording a mean of 31.49375. Although Blacks had the highest rates for both cancers, the population had the greatest decrease rates of 21.6. More so, as provided by the range for 15 years. Asians/Pacific Islanders had the lowest decrease in cancer rates and a range of 7.8 (Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples
Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples

Furthermore, the data show that Black people had the highest probability of being diagnosed or developing lung and bronchus cancers than any other group in the study. Furthermore, the high prevalence implies that Blacks were highly predisposed to risk factors for both cancers. Cigarette smoking is one of the primary risk factors for respiratory cancers. On the other hand, environmental exposure to carcinogens and unhealthy lifestyles also contribute to significant numbers (Ebrahimi et al., 2021) (Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Besides the risk factors, inaccessibility and unaffordability of health services such as cancer screening programs and high prevalence. Furthermore, poor health outcomes among the Blacks and other people of color in the study (Mahajan et al., 2021). However, accessibility and affordability to health services, protection from environmental exposure healthy lifestyle may have led to lower rates of both cancers and better health outcomes for Hispanics (Statistics Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).


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Mahajan, S., Caraballo, C., Lu, Y., Valero-Elizondo, J., Massey, D., Annapureddy, A. R., … & Krumholz, H. M. (2021). Trends in differences in health status and health care access and affordability by race and ethnicity in the United States, 1999-2018. Jama326(7), 637-648. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.9907

National Cancer Institute (2018). Lung and Bronchus Cancers. Retrieved from January 8, 2019, from

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