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The Silver Star is a medal of honor awarded to American soldiers for their unwavering dedication and bravery in military service to their country (Price, 2019). My grandfather was the first owner of the medal in our family, awarded to him after serving in the U.S. Army during World War I and II. He received the award in 1932 after an honorable discharge from the army. The silver star was one of the precious items he preserved in his house until his demise. My father currently owns the medal after inheriting it from my grandfather. Being a generational item, my family believes it offers protection and luck for whoever owns it.

Physical Description

The medal has a five-pointed silver star at the front with another small five-pointed silver star incorporated at its center (Enjames, 2022). A laurel leaf wreath surrounds the small star. It also has an engraved text at the back, “FOR GALLANTRY IN ACTION FOR EXHIBITION ONLY.” Enjames (2022) also observes that the silver star measures 7.3 × 3.8 × 0.6cm and is made of a silver alloy, gold plating, silk, and copper alloy (Silver Star).

Personal History and Memories

My father always hung the medal in a room designated to store my grandfather’s sentimental belongings. Moreover, like uniforms worn during active service and photographs. So, I sneaked into the room, took the medal when I was around ten, and hung it on my dog’s neck. Many dogs in the neighborhood wore tags on their necks, and I felt the medal would make my dog stand out.

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My parents consistently asked me to surrender the Silver Star, but I refused. One day my dog got lost with the sentimental medal on its neck. We searched around the neighborhood for one week and eventually found my dog. My dad took out the medal and sat me down to explain why it was more precious than the dog, suggesting that I could inherit it if I didn’t enlist for military service. Since then, I have guarded the medal, regularly checking to ensure it hangs from its designated position (Silver Star).

The medal has been an important artifact in my family for various reasons, including a reminder that my grandfather contributed to the American victories during World War I. It signifies the patriotism that has flowed across generations in my family. The medal is also a reference point when learning about the History of America during the two world wars (Price, 2019).

My father used the Silver Star to give examples of the enthusiasm that drove America into a world power, especially based on military strength. Lastly, the medal has been passed among family members who have not enlisted as servicemen. Consequently, or women to remind them of the need to prioritize their country’s interests. My father never enlisted in military service, so he inherited the medal. Receiving the medal also means a lot to me, as the only person not enlisted in the army (Silver Star).

Date or Era (Silver Star)

The Silver Star Medal Award was introduced by the Act of Congress in 1918 for combat valor primarily to the U.S. Army service members who defended American interests against foreign enemies (Price, 2019). It was initially inaugurated as a Citation Star in 1918 before assuming the ‘silver star’ title. More so, with the citation star incorporated at the center of the medal in 1932. World War I veterans were the first soldiers to receive the medal in 1932 (Lester et al., 2022). The medal remain awarded as a ‘Silver Star’ by the U.S. Army and a ‘Silver Star Medal’ by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force (Lester et al., 2022).

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Importance to American History from 1865-Today

All the U.S. armed forces award a Silver Star medal to its service men and women to show honor for their distinguished service. Price (2019) observes that the medal is an important element of American History since it was established when the world was in constant conflict resulting from World War I. The U.S. needed to recognize the distinguished service of its armed forces in propelling the country to victory against its foreign enemies (Silver Star).

Besides, the medal remained awarded to signify patriotism and a sense of belonging of the soldiers in serving their country’s interests, irrespective of the harsh situations associated with the wars (Lester et al., 2022). Patriotic soldiers lay their lives on the frontlines of the wars, causing approximately half a million casualties. In this case, Siegfried and Ferris (2022) observe that awarding the medal reminds Americans of the soldiers’ bravery, increasing the commitment of current soldiers and the desire of the Americans to join the war. 

Therefore, owning such medals attracts honor and pride across societies. The government and community members give American war veterans the utmost honor (Lester et al., 2022). Society recognizes them for their dedication and hard work. Hence, remain applicable as a basis for helping them in case of unfortunate circumstances, like when they are homeless. Similarly, neighborhoods with the most veterans enjoy improved infrastructural development, like roads and hospitals (Siegfried & Ferris, 2022). Thus, silver star medals are important reminders of America’s war progress and patriotism’s relevance in serving the country (Silver Star).

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Family Artifact Assignment

Family Artifact Assignment


the Silver Star Medal


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