493 Scholarly Activity-Quality Improvement Committee Meeting-Nursing Essay Examples

Scholarly Activity

This scholarly activity is for the Quality Improvement (QI) committee meeting in the healthcare facility’s boardroom. The Quality Improvement Committee meets after every three months to discuss current and emerging healthcare quality issues in the organization. The meeting takes place every last Thursday of the third month, chaired by the Chief of Medical Staff. The Chairperson can appoint one of the committee members to represent him in his absence.

Scholarly Activity-Quality Improvement Committee Meeting
Scholarly Activity-Quality Improvement Committee Meeting

The committee members present at the meeting I attended included the head of departments in the healthcare facility. In addition, the accountant, the Human Resource manager, and the procurement office in charge. The Chief of the Nursing department is the secretary responsible for taking minutes to conduct the subsequent meeting deliberations. The meeting commenced with a Word of Prayer from the Chairperson, followed by the secretary reading the previous meeting’s minutes (Scholarly Activity).

The main agenda was to discuss the recent increase in HAIs in the healthcare facility. The committee aimed to develop effective intervention strategies to prevent and decrease the number of these infections. HAIs negatively impact the quality of care and patient safety as they increase mortality and mortality rates. Consequently, not to mention the prolonged patient hospitalizations, which lead to immense health costs. More so, for the patients and healthcare facility (Peters et al., 2019).

The committee came up with recommendations to curb HAIs. First, departmental and unit heads were to review their standard of operating procedures and infection control protocols. On the other hand, evidence-based care bundles were to be implemented an evidence-based intervention. More so, to prevent HAIs in the health facility (Scholarly Activity).

The goals and objectives for the meeting were met since the committee identified potential causes of increased HAIs. In addition, resources, and implementation strategies required to implement evidence-based care bundles. The departmental leaders were to convene a meeting with staff and discuss the intention to implement the suggested change. Attending the meeting was instrumental in comprehending the significance of quality improvement in improving patient outcomes. However, there is need for more research and staff education to increase knowledge and awareness about the quality initiative.


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