Community/Public Health Nursing

Assessment Description

Explain the role of the community health nurse in partnership with community stakeholders for population health promotion. Explain why it is important to appraise community resources (nonprofit, spiritual/religious, etc.) as part of a community assessment and why these resources are important in population health promotion.

Community/Public Health Nursing-Sample Solution

Role of Community Health Nurse

Community health nurses (CHNs) are part of community health workers trained to meet the unique health needs of the community they serve. However, the roles of community health nurses vary with their training, education, and experience working with a specific community. CHN contributes significantly to population health promotion in partnership with relevant stakeholders. Specifically, they support health promotion by educating the community members on preventing diseases in the community and community health care centers (Rector & Stanley, 2021).(Role of Community-Health Nurse EssaySample

In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, CHNs may use a combination of platforms to reach as many individuals as possible with important health education messages. For instance, they may adopt in-person education through group meetings, workshops, and individual counseling sessions, which can occur in community centers, schools, health clinics, or even in people’s homes. In addition, CHN advocates for underserved communities to access affordable healthcare services and resources to address their health needs. CHN collects relevant community health data, analyzes and relays information to stakeholders to inform policies and programs. CHNs are equally involved in providing direct care, such as counseling, screening, and referrals.(Role of Community-Health Nurse EssaySample)

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Importance of appraising community resources

Community health assessment is a territorial assessment that identifies crucial health needs and concerns. It involves collecting and analyzing data on religion, culture, and socioeconomic activities to provide a broader community health perspective (CDC, 2022). Religious, cultural, and socioeconomic factors are known social health determinants that require interventions to prevent and protect communities from various illnesses (Islam, 2019). Therefore, understanding the socioeconomic status and cultural factors in society is vital in determining barriers to healthcare access, including the availability and affordability of healthcare facilities and cultural norms that dictate health-seeking behaviors among community residents (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2022). Moreover, evaluating community resources is crucial in enhancing transparency and informing continuous improvement of healthcare provision (CDC, 2022). Therefore, carrying out community assessment is crucial in providing baseline data to inform healthcare interventions or evaluate the impact of community health interventions.(Role of Community-Health Nurse EssaySample

Role of Community-Health Nurse EssaySample 



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