37 Research Topics on Autism, 30 Autism Research Questions & Essay Examples

The best research topics on autism are listed in this article. In it you will also find autism research questions and exemplar autism essays.(Research Topics on Autism and essay samples)

Research Topics on Autism and essay samples


Autism is a neurological developmental condition that has an impact on a person’s behavior, thinking, perception, and social skills.




Leo Kanner wrote the first paper in the US reporting a group of 11 kids from his medical practice who had similar symptoms, including social withdrawal and a lack of interest in other people. He asserted that these kids had a novel, previously undiagnosed illness, not schizophrenia or mental retardation. Hans Asperger of Austria discovered a related collection of behavioral characteristics about the same period in his therapeutic practice. Lorna Wing, Christopher Gillberg, and other researchers began focusing on Asperger’s syndrome in the 1980s.


Autism is a complicated neurological system condition that lacks a single underlying cause. It is a genetic condition that can run in families or not. Non-genetic variables that affect autism also interact with genetic ones.


Autism symptoms may be divided into two major groups. The symptoms of chronic social communication difficulties in various circumstances are included in the first group. Restricted and repetitive routines of behavior, hobbies, and activities make up the second category of symptoms.


Behavioral analysis is one example of a psychological treatment that is now the best. This implies that challenging activities are broken down into manageable pieces, and each step is completed with the aid of the child’s encouragement and drive. The best results from these treatments come from combining them with developmental research.

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37 Research Topics on Autism, 30 Autism Research Questions & Essay Examples

37 Research Topics on Autism

  1. The Connection Between Autism and Asperger Syndrome
  2. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Physical Therapy
  3. Processing of Facial Effects and Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome in Adolescents With and Without Autism
  4. Autism and Morning Plasma Melatonin Differences
  5. Autism in Young Adults: Social Attention and Emotional Responsiveness
  6. Medical Care for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  7. The Need for Accurate Stress Measures in Autism
  8. Autism Symptoms and Difficulties in Understanding Different Emotions
  9. Autism Patients’ Informed Consent: Psychological and Social Aspects
  10. Autism and anthropomorphic theory of mind: Seeing More Than Human
  11. Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Evolving Diagnostic and Genetic Landscapes
  12. Autism Spectrum Disorder: Latent and Abnormal Functional Connectivity Circuits
  13. Assessments conducted informally and autism spectrum disorders
  14. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Peripheral and Central Inflammation Interplay
  15. Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome: A Comparison
  16. Oxytocin Inhaled Into the Nasal Tract Helps Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Recognize Emotions
  17. Therapy for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on Physical Activity
  18. Asperger’s Syndrome and Savant Autism in Children and Adults
  19. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Daily Life in Hanoi, Vietnam
  20. Autism Treatment and Early Warning Signs
  21. Parental Involvement and the Field of Autism Treatments
  22. Social Interaction in Children with Autism
  23. Living with Asperger’s Syndrome, a Form of Autism
  24. Autism Spectrum Disorder Risk Factors, Causes, and Treatments 
  25. Helping, Sharing, and Comforting Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder to Encourage Moral Behavior
  26. Autism Symptoms and Neurological Signs in Individuals with Coeliac Disease
  27. Autism Spectrum Disorder in High-Functioning Adolescents: Intrinsic Functional Network Structure
  28. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Behavior Analysis
  29. The Signs and Treatment Options for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  30. Challenges that Autism Spectrum Disorder Patients Face as They Enter Adulthood
  31. Potential Relationship Between Microglia, Astrocytes and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  32. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Music Therapy
  33. Advice for Teaching High Functioning Autistic People
  34. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Causes, Predispositions, Coping Mechanisms, and Treatment (ASD)
  35. Intimacy and Parental Awareness in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  36. Understanding and educating autistic children
  37. Treatment of Autism Through the Help of Animal therapy

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Research Topics on Autism and essay samples
37 Research Topics on Autism, 30 Autism Research Questions & Essay Examples 1

30 Autism Research Questions

  1. What Are Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  2. How Does Autism Affect the Development of a Child?
  3. What Is the Relationship Between Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure and Autism?
  4. How Is the Assessment and Treatment Plan For a Child With Autism Done?
  5. Why Do Older Fathers Have More Children With Autism?
  6. What Are the Primary Treatments for Children With Autism?
  7. Asperger’s Syndrome: “The Higher Functioning Form of Autism?”
  8. What Are the Social Skill Differences Between Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  9. What Are the Causes of Multiple Sclerosis and Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  10. What Are the Problems of Motor Development and Motor Resonance in Autism?
  11. What Is the Connection Between Autism and Mirror Neurons?
  12. Why Has the Incidence Rate of Autism Increased?
  13. How Does Autism Affect Brain Structure and Activity?
  14. Why Are Minority Children With Autism Less Likely To Receive Specialist Care?
  15. What Are the Causes of Autism?
  16. What Are the Misconceptions and Assumptions About Autism?
  17. How Can the Therapist Help Autism Children?
  18. What Are the Known Modern Diagnostic Criteria for Autism?
  19. Why Are Researchers Still Not Sure About the Origins and Causes of Autism?
  20. How People With Autism Experience the World?
  21. How does Autism Affect Sexuality?
  22. What Are the Specific Social Skills for Children With Autism?
  23. What Are the Two Main Psychological Approaches To Understanding the Main Disadvantages of Autism?
  24. What Can Autism Look Like and Things You Can Do to Spot It?
  25. How the Media Perpetuated the Autism-vaccine Scare?
  26. How Autism Affects Regular Brain Functions as Well as Socialization Skills?
  27. What Are the Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism?
  28. What Are Two Behavioral Rating Scales on Young Children on the Autism Spectrum?
  29. What Are the Social and Emotional Difficulties of Autism?
  30. What Is the Link Between Autism and Noonan Syndrome?

Essay Examples

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a generalized term for neurodevelopmental disorders that appear as social communication impairments and repetitive behavior patterns that include the interests and tasks that one engages in (Dillon, 2019; Thapar et al., 2015; Zakhari, 2020). Therefore, any showcase of the below symptoms during development necessitates a check-up to diagnose ASD…

  • Unit 3: Clinical SOAP Note for A Pediatric Patient Sample
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Unit 3: Clinical SOAP Note for A Pediatric Patient. The focus is on your ability to integrate your subjective and objective information gathering into formulation of diagnoses and development of patient-centered, evidence-based plans of care for patients of all ages with multiple, complex mental health conditions…

  • NRNP/PRAC 6635 Week 10 Assignment: Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Soap Note

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation: HG is a 58-year-old Caucasian male who works in an architectural Engineering firm presenting for psychiatric evaluation for concentration difficulty…

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Capella University Health Promotion Plan And Best Practices PPTDiscussion: NURSFPX4060 Capella University Health Promotion Plan and Best Practices PPT Health Promotion Plan
Health Promotion Plan PresentationHealth Promotion Plan Presentation
Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching ProjectIdentify interdisciplinary health professionals important to include in the health promotion. What is their role? Why is their involvement significant?
Identify a health problem or need for health promotion for a particular stage in the life span of a populationPURPOSE To apply concepts you have learned about health promotion concepts and strategies, enhance your written communication skills, and demonstrate a beginning understanding of cultural competency. 
Pender Health Promotion ModelPender Health Promotion Model

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37 Research Topics on Autism, 30 Autism Research Questions & Essay Examples

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