DQ 1 Responses-Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples

Reply to Response 1 (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples)

Excellent post! Your discussion is informative and fascinating! I support your claims that thorough research and content organization the presentation are fundamental skills in formal presentations. In addition, a good presentation should focus on the audience’s needs (Ross-Hellauer et al., 2020). Thus, a good presenter should conduct adequate research to know the presentation audience. A good presentation should be built upon what the audience will gain from the content (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).

Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples
Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples

During preparation, a presenter should focus on what the audience should know instead of what they can tell them. For this reason, the presenter can pass the intended message effectively. One should focus on the audience during the presentation and understand their response and reaction. Importantly, adequate preparation offers one ample time to avoid the last-minute rush that increases fear and anxiety (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).


Ross-Hellauer, T., Tennant, J. P., Banelytė, V., Gorogh, E., Luzi, D., Kraker, P., … & Vignoli, M. (2020). Ten simple rules for innovative dissemination of research. PLoS computational biology16(4), e1007704. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pcbi.1007704

Reply to Response 2

Great post! Thank you for sharing your discussion on your strengths and weaknesses regarding professional presentations. Professional presentations are significant in nursing as they are fundamental in gaining stakeholders’ support to implement changes to improve care quality and patient outcomes. Besides adequate preparation, one should keep the presentation structure simple while focusing on the main message (Naegle et al., 2021) (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).

Each slide should have a crucial message to pass to the audience. A good structure and flow of ideas ensure the audience can follow and understand one’s content easily and anticipate what to expect in subsequent slides. After the preparation, a good presenter should practice their talking points to improve efficiency during the actual presentation while boosting confidence (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).


Naegle, K. M. (2021). Ten simple rules for effective presentation slides. PLOS Computational Biology17(12), e1009554. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8638955/

Reply to Response 3 (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples)

Good work! Your discussion is informative and fascinating. I support your claims that being passionate about a presentation will be instrumental in relaying the message and influencing change. Although relaxing when giving physical presentations might be hard, one should learn effective coping strategies. One of the main public anxiety coping strategies is practicing deep breathing (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).

Adrenaline increases anxiety by causing shallow breathing, thus inhibiting one’s ability to pass their message effectively. Deep breathing techniques improve relaxation and prevent voice quivers that result from shallow and irregular breathing (Deker et al., 2019). Subsequently, good presenters should connect with their audience to pass their message effectively. Being passionate about the topic is one of the best strategies for connecting with the audience and passing the message successfully(Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).


Decker, J. T., Brown, J. L. C., Ashley, W., & Lipscomb, A. E. (2019). Mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises: Reduced anxiety for clients and self-care for social work interns. Social Work with Groups42(4), 308-322. https://doi.org/10.1080/01609513.2019.1571763

DQ 2 Responses

Reply to Response 1

Great post! Thank you for sharing your discussion on sustaining change in healthcare. I support your claims that the shortage of nursing staff may be a significant barrier to sustaining evidence-based changes. However, the high demand for their services, increased turnover rates, and inadequate nurse educators contribute to lower numbers of nursing staff in the job market. Nurses are frontline care providers mandated to meet patient needs and are instrumental human resources in implementing and sustaining proposed interventions in evidence-based change projects (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).

Therefore, insufficient nursing and other healthcare personnel may render the change unsustainable. Some patients may also lack sufficient knowledge about the implemented change leading to failure. However, effective hiring and retention strategies, such as motivation through incentives, will attract and retain nursing talents required to sustain healthcare changes (Ramsden et al., 2022). Health promotion to educate patients about implemented interventions will sustain the change (Research and Content Organization-Nursing Paper Examples).


Ramsden, R., Pit, S., Colbran, R., Payne, K., Tan, A. J., & Edwards, M. (2022). Developing a framework to promote rural health workforce capability through digital solutions: A qualitative study of user perspectives. Digital Health8, 20552076221089082. https://journals.sagepub.com/home/dhj

Reply to Response 2

Your discussion is informative and fascinating. I agree that evidence-based practice is the gold standard for change in healthcare delivery. Lack of support from the relevant stakeholders (health staff, hospital management, patients, or government) may render a healthcare change unsustainable. Inadequate evidence-based information may be a potential cause for lack of support from the stakeholders. Although a healthcare change may be implemented without sufficient evidence, sustaining it is almost impossible.

The stakeholders will consider the change unsustainable once it does not meet the expected outcomes. Therefore, there is a need to conduct comprehensive research to obtain credible and accurate data for evidence-based changes (Shayan et al., 2019). In this case, healthcare changes should be backed with support from scientific articles and experts with adequate knowledge concerning the topic and proposed changes.


Shayan, S. J., Kiwanuka, F., & Nakaye, Z. (2019). Barriers associated with evidence‐based practice among nurses in low‐and middle‐income countries: A systematic review. Worldviews on Evidence‐Based Nursing16(1), 12-20. 10.1111/wvn.12337

Reply to Response 3

Great post! I enjoyed reading your discussion on sustaining evidence-based change in healthcare. Although applying evidence-based changes has improved health outcomes, sustaining them can be difficult owing to several barriers. Institutional culture may be a potential barrier to sustainable change in healthcare. An organization’s culture is vital in leading change as it focuses on the people’s way of doing things.

Thus, a successful change process should begin by adopting the good things about a specific culture and changing what is required. Not involving the relevant stakeholders may also hinder implementing and sustaining change. An evidence-based change should involve all the stakeholders through adequate communication about the change process. In healthcare, communication between interdisciplinary care teams fosters the teamwork necessary to sustain the implemented changes (Zajac et al., 2021)


Zajac, S., Woods, A., Tannenbaum, S., Salas, E., & Holladay, C. L. (2021). Overcoming challenges to teamwork in healthcare: a team effectiveness framework and evidence-based guidance. Frontiers in Communication6, 606445. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fcomm.2021.606445/full

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