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1) The role of the nurse as health educator is a vital component of nursing. Patients require timely and informative education from the point of admission until they are discharged. Educating patients is a huge responsibility and should done after the nurse has assessed the patient to identify any barriers to learning that could prevent them from comprehending the information being taught. According to Whitney (2018), successful patient teaching depends on the providers’ understanding of the learning process and the barriers to learning that can affect the patient’s ability to grasp new ideas. Potential barriers to learning include health disparities, inequalities, environment, culture, and lack of time for teaching (Whitney, 2018). Patient education can significantly improve patient satisfaction, the patient experience, and most importantly the patient’s ability to care for themself once discharged home. Sarkhani et al., (2022) found that implementation of patient education led to increased satisfaction with care provided as well as promotion of a healthy lifestyle and self-care skills. 

When developing an individualized care plan tailored to the unique needs of each patient it is also important for the nurse to collaborate with the members of interdisciplinary team. In doing so, the healthcare team can better address specific variables that can impact the patient’s ability to learn such as cultural, socioeconomic, and sociopolitical factors (Whitney, 2018). It is also imperative that the nurse is aware of any factors that could be the cause of health inequity such as homelessness, lack of income, or trauma.  

Behavioral objectives should be utilized when it is evident that a patient has the desire or willingness to change a certain behavior. Nurses are in a prime position for educating and assisting patients to in reaching an optimal level of health. Appropriate and timely education can have lasting effects on the patient and their short and long-term health. 



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Whitney, S. (2018). Teaching and Learning Styles. In Health promotion: Health & wellness across the continuum. Grand Canyon University.


2) All nurses have a big job to do when it comes to teaching their patients. From the time a patient is admitted to the time they are sent home, they should be taught. There are always ways for nurses to teach their patients and make sure they learn. Whitney says that the first step of being a health educator and teacher is assessing the patient (2018). Assessing a patient is important because each person has a different way of learning, level of education, values, and beliefs. Nurses also have to figure out if there are any problems with learning. Some of these barriers are culture, differences in health, the environment, language, literature, and the body itself (Whitney, 2018). Patients need to know about their health so they can make good decisions, take care of their health, avoid getting sick, and improve their health. Nurses work with a team of people from different fields to make a personalized plan for teaching a patient.

A nurse educator might work with a team of people from different fields to make an individualized care plan. It’s important for nurses to find out what their patients care about and what drives them so they can teach better (Smith & Zsohar, 2013). This will be different for each patient because each person is motivated and ready to learn in a different way. The teach back method is a good way for nurses to show how well they can teach. When making health promotion education programs, it’s important for nurses to focus on a specific group of people who share the same goals and values. It is important to find out the level of literacy and any other things that make it hard to learn. In order to teach and test a patient’s knowledge, it is important to give them a variety of resources, such as video, written, and audio material. 

When a patient is willing to learn and change, behavioral goals should be used in their care plan. Before a nurse can use a behavioral objective, they have to figure out how ready the patient is to change and make an objective that fits the patient’s stage (Whitney, 2018). Change happens in six steps. Nurses are very important when it comes to educating patients and improving their health and well-being.



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Whitney, S. (2018). Teaching and Learning Styles. In Health Promotion: Health & Wellness Across the Continuum. Grand Canyon University.


 3) It is all nurse’s responsibility to be the health educator to patients and family. Without teaching to both the family and the patient, we can help patients understand their disease process, procedures, tests, and how to be complaint with their own care. If taught and received properly, patient returns to the hospital will decrease. Some considerations when providing education to patients and family include culture in which could alter the way we teach and the way we communicate. For instance, providing domestic violence resources to a patient from a traditional Muslim culture may be considered intrusive, disrespectful, and rude to the patient and his or her family members (Rassool, 2015).

The nurse should also be cognizant of the patient and families behavior of being receptive of the teachings. To gain better outcomes the patient and family should be maintain positivity. Acting as a facilitator to the learner, the nurse as educator offers positive perspectives and encouragement, which shape the desired behavior toward goal attainment. By ensuring that learning is stimulating, making information relevant and accessible, and creating an environment conducive to learning, educators can enhance motivation to learn (Key Nursing, 2016).



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