Reflection-Nursing Paper Examples


In 1965, the marriage between Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay led to one of the World’s leading companies in food and beverages, PepsiCo.  The multinational company has its headquarters in New York. Moreover, has taken over 200 nations in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of food and beverages.  On the other hand, Walmart Inc. is a leading American-based retail organization that runs a chain of hypermarkets and discount stores. Notably, operating under different names in 24 nations (Reflection).


Under the current leadership, both companies have substantially thrived in observing and changing to the current consumer trends. The paper aims to reflect on a conversation between Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO, and Doug McMillon, Walmart President and CEO, on consumer satisfaction and profit maximization(Reflection).


Notably, its fascinating by the account that both leaders remain dynamic. Nooyi and McMillion agree that they need to change their brand to improve consumer satisfaction. I like it when Nooyi claims that the idea of healthy food is changing. Moreover, in this case, what was healthy back then is not anymore in the current world. Consequently, I agree that companies have to keep changing their model to keep thriving in the dynamic world.

I also believe that collaboration between leaders and their employees improves the provision of services. For instance, leaders ought to explain to the employees what they do and why to improve trust and encourage productivity. Moreover, I support McMillion that companies have to keep changing their states. More so, by improving their vision; for instance, company leaders should be ready to accept new challenges that improve their ability to deal with future problems (Reflection).

I could not agree more that leaders should be lifelong students. They should not just depend on books but connect with the business by watching the consumers’ behavior. I was intrigued by Nooyi’s claims that leaders consider themselves as consumers; for instance, she claimed it does not make sense to manufacture full-sugar drinks, yet the leaders themselves consume diet drinks (Reflection).

Most importantly, I learned that a product is an essential aspect of the business. I liked Nooyi’s definition that design is anything embedded in a product that romances the consumers and attracts them to the shelves. Lastly, I learned that leaders have a responsibility to shape the culture of the company. In this case, dynamic leaders encourage change in current and future company states.


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