Week 1 : Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the Resources – Reflection Solution

Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work

Part 1;

For this first week in DF1 I ask you to describe where EBP appears in a healthcare organization’s website that you select (You may want to use the one in which you are employed, but it’s not mandatory). Does it look as though the organization is grounded in evidence basis? Explain your view and how your perception is possibly altered after your review with specific examples. Use Jackson health system!!

4 apa sources no older than 5 years. 

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Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work
Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work

Part 2:

In the modern era, there are few professions that do not to some extent rely on data. Stockbrokers rely on market data to advise clients on financial matters. Meteorologists rely on weather data to forecast weather conditions, while realtors rely on data to advise on the purchase and sale of property. In these and other cases, data not only helps solve problems, but adds to the practitioner’s and the discipline’s body of knowledge.

Of course, the nursing profession also relies heavily on data. The field of nursing informatics aims to make sure nurses have access to the appropriate date to solve healthcare problems, make decisions in the interest of patients, and add to knowledge.

In this Discussion, you will consider a scenario that would benefit from access to data and how such access could facilitate both problem-solving and knowledge formation.

To Prepare:

Post a description of the focus of your scenario. Describe the data that could be used and how the data might be collected and accessed. What knowledge might be derived from that data? How would a nurse leader use clinical reasoning and judgment in the formation of knowledge from this experience?

4 apa sources no older than 5 years!!

Nursing Ethic and Code of Conduct Essays Examples

Part 2: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act- brief overview of PPACA.The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, brief overview of PPACA, implications of the PPACA for public health.
Why Code of Ethics is Important in Nursing ProfessionThis paper will discuss the code of ethics in details including the purpose and the implications of the code of ethics.
Summarize what the ACA Code of Ethics says about the following: report writing, record keeping, and service reimbursement.What special precautions or practices should a private practitioner adopt in order to minimize professional liability and ensure that their treatment of clients remains soundly within the boundaries of professional practice standards? 
code of ethics for nursescode of ethics for nurses

Related FAQs

1. What are the concepts of informatics?

Informatics is developing its own fundamental concepts of communication, knowledge, data, interaction and information, and relating them to such phenomena as computation, thought, and language.

2. What is knowledge in informatics?

The understanding, knowledge and ability to efficient use of computers and related technology. Besides basic knowledge and abilities, this term includes also the individuals’ comfort level of using computer and applications related to computers.

3. What are the concepts of nursing informatics?

Nursing informatics is the specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science in identifying, collecting, processing, and managing data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research, and expansion of nursing knowledge.

4. What concept is most important in nursing informatics?

The foundation of nursing informatics is based on the concepts of data, information and knowledge. Because information and knowledge are essential for nurses when interpreting data and making decisions, it is important to know the difference between these concepts.

5. What are 5 skills needed in health informatics?

How to Acquire Marketable Health Informatics Skills

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