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Reconstruction was one of the most turbulent times in US history, taking place from 1865 to 1877. It included three major initiatives restoring the Union, transforming the Southern society, and enacting progressive legislation to change American citizenship and ensure equal rights for the freed slaves. The reconstruction issuance took place during the Civil War.

Consequently, it sought to redress the political and social inequalities of slavery and attain an economic legacy. In addition, address the issues caused by the readmission of the 11 states that had broken from the Union (Platt, 2019). The reconstruction ended Confederate secession and abolished the owning of slaves, giving them civil citizen rights.

The topic is interesting for its historical importance. The reconstruction briefly succeeded in giving citizenship rights to African Americans. Consequently, it formed the basis of the 20th-century movements for political and societal equality for all races, although most of its promises remained unfulfilled (Foner, 2020). It was a step in the right direction for the United States. Moreover, its study remains vital in understanding race relations in US history to the present.

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It facilitates a concentrated review of racial issues that are vital to young people. Understanding the historical context of race helps in the fight for racial equality that remains yet fully unrealized in the US. The topic has reinforced my understanding of history, especially the fight against racial inequalities, the achievements realized, and what ought to be done to ensure the full realization of equality.

The racial issues in this period, though not with the same severity, can be compared with the racial issues in modern times. There are still political and social inequalities in the US on racial divides. Society is still fighting against racial discrimination. Hence, does not relate to my research paper topic.


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