Community/Public Health Nursing DQ2

Assessment Description

Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological place influence the context of a population or community assessment and intervention. Describe how the nursing process is utilized to assist in identifying health issues (local or global in nature) and in creating an appropriate intervention, including screenings, referrals, resources and spiritual support for the community or population. Describe how community resources can aid in the implementation process of an intervention. How could the Christian worldview influence one’s perspective of human value and dignity in an intervention?

Community/Public Health Nursing-Sample Solution

Geopolitical and Phenomenological Influence

Geopolitical communities are characterized by natural boundaries such as climate, hills, and rivers, or artificial such as structural, legal, and political boundaries. In this case, streets and railway lines create structural boundaries, while State and County lines create legal boundaries. On the contrary, phenomenological (relational) communities consist of individuals with shared mindsets, goals, beliefs, and interests. Phenomenological communities include academicians, religious careers, and social groups. Geopolitical and phenomenological influence the context of a population or community assessment in different ways. First, people in similar geopolitical spaces encounter common health risk factors and problems attributed to share environmental risk factors. Public health nurses should therefore identify possible risk factors depending on the nature of individuals’ environment and devise assessment and intervention strategies (Hoque et al., 2023). Second, phenomenological communities have similar traits and healthcare concerns influencing public health nurses’ health assessments and interventions.(Public Health Nursing Essay-Example)

Nursing Process

The nursing process helps to identify the communities’ health needs, assess health problems’ impact, and plan intervention strategies while evaluating their outcomes. A systematic process involving assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation is instrumental in identifying, understanding, and addressing community problems (National Association of School Nurses, 2020). During an assessment, the nurses take the history of present health states, problems, work or occupation, and environmental effects on health. After the diagnosis, the nurses create a healthcare plan depending on the specific needs. The evaluation aims to determine the communities’ health states and outcomes after implementing the healthcare plan to determine success or make necessary improvements.(Public Health Nursing Essay-Example)

Community Resources and Christian Worldview Influence

Health screening aids in identifying health problems at an early stage, where nursing interventions address and capture concerns or offer referral services for patients that need specialized care and promote follow-up. Community-based organizations and programs are instrumental resources directed toward implementing nursing interventions. The organizations advocate for the collaboration of health stakeholders to develop policies and services that promote healthier communities through public health nursing. In contrast, health promotion strategies improve communities’ quality of life through education on healthy lifestyles. Christianity can affect one’s perspective of human value and dignity since spirituality perceives some nursing procedures and interventions are unacceptable. Christians’ bodies and lives are sacred as they were created in God’s image and likeness and should not be subjected to procedures and nursing interventions against God’s wishes.(Public Health Nursing Essay-Example)

Public Health Nursing Essay-Example


Hoque, M. N., Faisal, G. M., Chowdhury, F. R., Haque, A., & Islam, T. (2022). The urgency of wider adoption of one health approach to preventing a future pandemic. Int J One Health8(1), 20-33.

National Association of School Nurses. (2020). Framework for 21st-century school nursing practice™: Clarifications and updated definitions. NASN School Nurse35(4), 225-233.

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