Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

The project timeline visually represents the activities and tasks to be completed, the people responsible for individual tasks, and the duration of each individual task. The project timeline will allow the team to understand the sequence of activities to complete the project in time (Hande & Phillippi, 2018). The following project timeline offers an overview of the assignments, start dates and end dates, and people responsible for each task.(Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example 1
Project NameProject DurationProject Start DateProject End Date
Addressing IPV10-Oct-2221-Oct-22
Task IDTask DescriptionStakeholder ResponsibleTask DurationStart DateEnd Date
1Stakeholder IdentificationProject Manager1010-Oct-2219-Oct-22
2Resource IdentificationProject Manager420-Oct-2223-Oct-22
3Feasibility TestProject Team623-Oct-2228-Oct-22
4Risk AssessmentProject Team429-Oct-222-Nov-22
5Project ApprovalProject Sponsor and Functional Managers63-Nov-228-Nov-22
6Education DevelopmentProject Team129-Nov-2220-Nov-22
7Staff EducationEducators and Mentors1321-Nov-223-Dec-22
8Go-live dateProject Team74-Dec-2210-Dec-22
9AssessmentProject Team611-Dec-2216-Dec-22
10ReassessmentProject Team417-Dec-2221-Dec-22

The project manager, who is also the project owner, in this case, will begin by identifying stakeholders, which includes anyone with a special interest in the issue the project seeks to address. After stakeholder identification, the project manager will identify the resources needed to complete the project, including human resources and the need for training or education. (Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)The next step is the feasibility test, in which the project team will evaluate the project’s viability, including economic, functional, ethical, legal, and technical feasibilities. The project team will then initiate risk assessment to get an in-depth understanding of the project’s tasks, deliverables, and events that could affect its success. The project manager will present a project proposal to project sponsors, functional managers, or the organization’s executives, who are expected to approve the project. The proposal will include the feasibility analysis, risks identified, resources needed, and stakeholders involved in the project besides the presentation of the project topic. The project team will identify the educational needs of staff and develop an education program. Educators and trainers will take staff through the education program to familiarize themselves with the project, the proposed initiative, and their roles in project implementation. After successful staff education, the project will go live or be implemented in the ED. The project team will assess whether the intervention achieved its objectives and reassess to ensure the project goals are met.(Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

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The Gantt chart below represents the project timeline:

Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Project Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example 2


Hande, K., & Phillippi, J. C. (2018). DNP Project Timeline Template: A Guide for Successful Completion. Nurse educator43(3), 115–116. Timeline Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

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