Commitment to Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Part I: Self-Reflection


Organizations utilize various assessment methods in the process of recruiting and hiring new workers. Prior to the recruitment, the firm’s human resource department settles for a criterion to be used in the hiring process and the tools to be used. All this is meant to draw focus to two central concepts of the person-job (P-J) fit and the person-organization (P-) fit. P-O fit assesses how the prospective worker matches to the job description in terms of management, leadership, functional and interpersonal skills (Kumar, 2019). On the other hand, P-O fit evaluates how the organization’s environment matches to the potential worker’s needs and their agreement to those of the organization. Consequently, this paper purposes to present my self- reflection report upon completion of Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test (HJTT) and how the score informs my commitment to professional development and lifelong learning. To achieve the goal, I completed the HJTT where the score indicated that my personality type is an ENFJ with Extrovert at 6% iNtuitive -25%, Feeling- 9% and Judging -31%. This means that I have a slight preference of extraversion over introversion, and feeling over thinking. At the same time, I have a moderate preference of intuition over sensing and judging over perceiving.(Professional Development Essay Example)

Analysis of My Personal and Professional Strengths

After taking the HJTT personality test, it seems that my personal and professional strengths can be attributed to my ENFJ predisposition. According to the ENFJ functional stack, I have an extraverted feeling that is dominant (Fe) an auxiliary introverted intuition (Ni) while my extraverted sensing is considered tertiary (Se). At the same time my introverted thinking is inferior (Ti). In management skills, my Fe helps me to influence other people but unlike a controlling commander my ability quickly and intuitively figure out the most effective way exerting my influence in a subtle way.  The extraverted feeling reinforces my leadership abilities where I make judgment before I perceive and speak before listening which speeds up responsiveness to the followers needs. At the functional level my Fe helps me to read and emphasize with others’ emotions which simultaneously comes in handy in maintaining interpersonal harmony. These strengths were included because management requires one to be persuasive, leadership demands good in communication, whereas interpersonal skills  calls for one to maintain a solid social circle that is devoid conflicts because peacekeeping is one of strengths(Geyer, 2014).

Analysis of My Personal and Professional Weaknesses

My weaknesses as an ENFJ is the tendency to leap before looking, over commitment and hesitancy to make tough decisions. As my friends point out, my passionate and headstrong nature makes me to plunge head first into a situation without adequate investigation. The introverted intuition may see necessary and important details skipped. Furthermore, the genuine excitement for life and the urge to say to every opportunity leaves me overwhelmed. The other weakness to be discussed within the scope of this paper is the hesitancy to make decisions where I feel the information available lacks a human element. As such I need to improve using hard logic, impersonal reasoning and conclusions based on the available data since an administrator cannot afford to place the needs of an individual above the whole out of compassionate. Likewise, a good manage has to  stick to every commitment made and see to its logical conclusion meaning that saying I have to be ready to say no depending on the time and resources available and therefore avoid unnecessary over commitments. Lastly, the other area that needs to be improved on is paying attention to all the necessary details as followers can lose their faith in a leader who changes their stand at a whim. Be that as it may, I still have an interest healthcare specifically genetic counselling but presently feel that I need additional knowledge and skills. The three areas of weakness namely making decisions in haste, over commitment and being too lenient were selected because I feel that if unchecked, they make one to be too selfless. This hinges on the fact that ENFJs prioritize people and the needs of others which ultimately to the notion being misunderstood.(Professional Development Essay Example)

Analysis of Three Opportunities to Further My Professional Growth

Since at work the ENFJ is motivated by the urge to organize others so that they implement positive change the three opportunities to advance my professional growth and opportunities include working as a school or career counsellor in the community and social service sector. Considering that school learners need a problem solver my strong intuition about people would be sufficiently utilized. In the Media and communications sector. I would best as a public relations manager because this sector cooperation and a conducive environment that is harmonious to promote and support growth of other people- a profession where the ENFJ naturally fits owing to their desire of helping other people better their skills. The third opportunity for my professional growth rests in the healthcare industry where my abilities would best be utilized as an occupational therapist or genetic counsellor. This is premised on the fact that an ENFJ is not only people centered but also a forward thinking individual who has a definite humanitarian mission and stress on constructive action (Al Dlaigan et al., 2017).

Description of Three Ways to Integrate the Practice of Lifelong Learning

According to Rahim & Finch (2011) the growing crisis in most countries has led to many traditional colleges and universities to adopt new ways to guarantee their continued economic competitiveness and financial success without increasing their campuses overheads and sizes. Similarly, at the individual level I must adopt new ways which integrate the practice of lifelong learning in my professional growth.  To begin with, I can incorporate part time degree courses relevant to my chosen profession. This means, I will be advancing my education in the chosen area of specialization during the holidays. Alternatively, I can also opt to take evening classes whereby, I set aside a few hours every day until the course undertaken is completed. The third option which also ensures my commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth is enrolling in an online course a strategy that not only saves time but also cuts on education costs. The ENFJ can also take advantage of the adult learning styles and the technology driven online courses.(Professional Development Essay Example)

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Challenges That May Prevent Me from Achieving My Goals

Lifelong  learning(LLL) defined as all learning activities undertaken in the course of an individual’s lifetime with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competencies at the personal and professional level is faced with several challenges(Ayas, 2015). As I endeavor to achieve my set goals in life some of the challenges that may hinder me include lack of adequate financial resources. This is because of the rising cost of living together with inflation. The next challenge is insufficient time to set aside to go to school to advance my education and attend to all the other personal and family commitments. Lastly, the next challenge is that emerging technology continues to crop up which make the skills and competencies one has redundant. The need for refresher courses compounded by the scarce financial resources and limited time hinders the achievement of some of my cherished dreams at a personal and professional level.

Part II: Opportunities Analysis

To keep up with the pace of the fast-changing, there is a need for the healthcare professional to remain committed to professionals development and lifelong extended learning premised on personality assessment tests. Consequently, the second part of this paper purposes to analyze the existing opportunities drawn from insights of part one, where I presented a self-reflection report on the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities premised on my score of Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test (HJTT). To achieve the stated goal of opportunity analysis, the paper is divided into four sections, whereby the first objective is to describe the roles and responsibilities of different administrative and or managerial positions. Section two offers a description of the strengths and weaknesses that I, as ENFJ personality, would bring to each of the four positions described earlier on, while section three analyzes the unique and specific healthcare competencies. The fourth and last section concludes the paper with a description of opportunities that are available to me for expanding innovative personal leadership within my workplace.(Professional Development Essay Example)

Description of the Roles and Responsibilities of Four Different Administrative or Managerial Positions in Four Different Healthcare Settings

To begin with, the roles and responsibilities of an off-shift administrative supervisor who happens to be a nurse leader in most acute care hospitals in the US. Off- the shift is defined as the evening, night, and weekend shifts in hospitals. During these times, the hospital administrators, directors, and unit managers are absent, leaving a nurse supervisor who has the responsibility of offering back up to the staff. Additionally, this administrative supervisor has to provide praise and recognition of individual nurses in order to increase staff satisfaction, enjoyment of the nursing job, and lower nurse burnout. By playing this role and offering off shift nursing leadership in hospitals, the highly effective administrative supervisor increases patient satisfaction and decreased adverse patient effects. Being an ENFJ, playing the role of an administrative supervisor is made more accessible because of the individual’s extroverted feeling that places the interests of others first. This will ensure the hospital continues to run smoothly and in an efficient manner during off-shifts.

The next administrative role is that of a primary care nurse charged with administrative duties in a family health clinic. As the chief administrator of the clinic, the primary care nurse practitioner ensures that the facility provides general and preventive care besides ordering lab tests and writing prescriptions for both children and adults. Considering that a nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse, the introverted intuition of an ENFJ will be of help in making the correct diagnosis, administer the right treatment, and recommend appropriate consultations. As a licensed independent practitioner, the nurse practitioner has played a vital role since he or she is charged with the responsibility of managing healthcare issues as well as coordination healthcare for perioperative patients as prescribed by federal and state rules (Dahrouge et al., 2014).

Having described the roles and responsibilities of an ENFJ playing the role of an administrative supervisor in by offering off-shift nursing leading in an acute care hospital and the family health clinic administrator, the third position to be considered is that of hospital manager. Through doctors, nurses, and technicians in diagnostics, healthcare organizations need to make a profit in order to offer quality care services and therefore require hospital managers who can draw budgets, main supplies and manage the human resource. As such, an ENFJ healthcare manager has the job well cut for him or her since they are effective communicators and are very good at persuading others to do what needs and must be done. This is done in a subtle way such that budgets are determined, supplies ordered and received, and payroll and other benefits are met without any hitches or minimal inconvenience at most. The hospital manager also has the responsibility of ensuring the facility they are running keeps up with all the relevant healthcare laws.(Professional Development Essay Example)

The fourth and last position whose roles and responsibilities are examined is a managerial one and entails a health information manager. In sizeable long term care hospitals, health information manager has to secure the medical data of every patient. This type of manage is tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding protected health information from casual and unauthorized access (Peterson, 2017). The four positions mentioned above are of interest to me because evidence-based studies indicate that neonates born during off-shifts and cardiovascular disease patients have a high mortality rate hence the need for administrative supervisors and all those offering to care during these shifts to take their roles and responsibilities seriously. At the same time, the reach nurse practitioner helps address health disparities among minority populations while a hospital manager facilitates the improvement of quality care through efficient management. Lastly, the health information manager protects patient privacy. Emerging healthcare trends like the use of electronic medical records are positively impacting on the potential of each of these positions to promote patient safety and outcomes.

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Description of the Strengths the ENFJ Would Bring To Each Position and Weaknesses Would Need To Addressed

The position of administrative supervisor changed with the responsibility of ensuring an acute care hospital runs smoothly during- shifts would benefit from my perceptive nature. This is because an ENFJ personality type is known to be perceptive of other people’s motives and feelings. By using emotional intelligence competencies, I would acknowledge the opinions of those working even when they are opposed to my own in order to enhance patient safety. However, the main weakness that would need to be addressed as a matter of priority is the overly idealistic trait. The rest of the staff would perceive me as naïve and end up feeling pity. The end lest would be providing leadership that is uninspiring, which would not augur well to the achievement of the facility’s mission.

The next position that would greatly benefit from the ENFJ strength of being reliable is a nurse practitioner who is the chief administrator of a family health clinic, probably offering care to a culturally diverse patient. The trait of being reliable would mean that the nurse practitioner is incapable of a person regardless of their cultural diversity. As such, the minority population patient would have a dependable person to count on. On the flip side, the weakness of being too selfless may see me putting the interests of others before my own. While from the patient’s perspective, this is admirable; to the self of the nurse practitioner, it can lead to nurse moral distress and eventual burnout when I feel like I a significant letdown. Be that as it may, the position of a hospital manager would reap the benefits of my charismatic trait due to the charming and popular persona to my peers stemming from ENFJ traits of strengths.

Reinforced with the capacity to figure out on mood and motivation quickly, I can communicate with passion, restraint, reason, or passion befitting any context, meaning I can steer the hospital agenda to greater heights amongst all the hospitals’ stakeholders. The shortcoming to rectify, however, would be a needless struggle to make tough decisions. I need to still my nerves when making tough choices, which could lead to paralysis within the hospital system if not taken promptly. Suffice it to that the health information manager in the long term care facility setting would benefit from my ENFJ strength of being natural leaders. Hence when the need to safeguard a patient’s protected health information, all those handling the information would be inclined to follow suit. On the negative side of ENFJ traits, the weakness of going out of the way to avoid conflict would mean if push comes to shove, the ENFJ information manager is persuaded by instincts to cover up the contentious issues in order to make thinks to appear all right. This, in the long run, would prove costly to a patient if a breach of personal privacy has occurred without their knowledge and the breach suppressed (Limbert, 2015).

Analysis of Key Unique and Specific Leadership, Knowledge, and Competency Skills

According to Kovacic & Rus (2015), analysis of Slovenian health care demonstrates that leaders differentiate themselves from the rest of the staff by having competencies unique to healthcare. The two researchers posit that competency is described as the underlying characteristic of an individual, which makes them have outstanding and effective performance. As such, knowledge in leadership competence showed to be considered in the broader context of implementing strategies specific to a particular organization. In order for me to be effective in my assigned roles and responsibilities, the four skills that I would have to improve through training and mentorship would be as follows.

The first skill would be in a leadership role, whereby I would have to hone my interpersonal skills through mentorship programs. At the same time, I have to train on how best to motivate my subordinates and create lasting peer relationships. The second skill would be training on how to monitor, disseminate, and establish information networks. This would see me being the spokesperson of the organization instead of merely being a health information manager. The third competency skill would be training on how to make extreme condition decisions as a hospital manager so that allocation of resources maximizes the entrepreneurial aspirations of the hospital directors. Lastly, I would also enroll in programs that boost methods of resolving conflicts since the ENFJ is known for its peacekeeping exploits. As an administrative supervisor in the off shifts, being an efficient disturbance handle requires practical carrying out of peace negotiations so that all members of the healthcare care executive their tasks without conflict (Manzi et al., 2017).(Professional Development Essay Example)

Description of Two Opportunities I Have For Expanding Personal Innovative Leadership

According to Weintraub & McKee (2019), the healthcare industry has innovative leadership which tops the policy agenda in several countries. At a personal innovative leadership level, I have identified having an organization that supports innovation and having a workforce whose mindset is to learn from errors as the two opportunities which promote and support innovative leadership. When combined, these two foster a leadership culture that highlights success and encourages as well as rewards risk-taking, both of which are essential ingredients to effective, innovative leadership. In conclusion, the presence and proper utilization of these opportunities can yield positive results in that new treatments and models of care are adopted.(Professional Development Essay Example)

Professional Development Essay Example

Part III: Plan for Professional Development

Professional organizations offer a platform to network, and stay actively involved in the industry. One of the organization’s I look forward to joining is The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM). AAHAM focuses primarily in providing education, certification, networking, and advocacy to individuals involved specifically in the revenue cycle and management of healthcare professionals. I believe I will benefit from the organization’s regular training, updates and resources as I progress in my career. Membership will also help me network with the right people and harness my leadership skills. Besides, I might also join the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). ACHE provides members with local education programs, career advancement resources, and volunteer opportunities to get more involved as a healthcare leader in the local community. These are resources that will expand my skills and capabilities and also provide opportunities for career progression. Through the two organizations I will also be able to reach to the community for volunteer programs and use my skills to have an impact on people.(Professional Development Essay Example)

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In the next three years, I will increase my professional knowledge and training through workshops and certifications offered by AAHAM. The certification I will be targeting is the Certified Revenue Cycle Professional which will help in career progression. I am also targeting the Certified Medical Manager (CMM). This is the designation of a professional who understands the administrative management side of healthcare. Further, the certification will grow my skills and capabilities and offer room to grow my leadership skills and also get a mentor to guide me in key practice areas. With a focus on lifelong learning and continuing education, I will increase my knowledge of pedagogy and techniques. This will be on the up and coming technological tools and skills in the healthcare continuum and evidence based practices that are supported by technological tools. In the next two years, I also look forward to the taking up a leadership position and effectively managing it. Leadership has always been my target and in the next two years, I will be honing my skills and capabilities as a leader and improve my interpersonal skills. CMM certification and CRCP certification will open up opportunities for me especially in career progression and professional networking.

Within the 3-5 years, I will also engage in community engagements as a volunteer to assist in developing and extensive understanding on community needs and diversity of ideas and cultures. This will contribute to my holistic professional growth. The community activities will include advocating for vaccination, and promoting disease screening. During this time, I will also improve my knowledge on medical techniques and their application. I will also keep tabs of trends and changes in healthcare provision and the systematic approaches to integrate care to technological tools for efficiency and accuracy in practice.(Professional Development Essay Example)

In this fast paced healthcare environment, attaining the correct set of skills and competency is imperative. My career goals are;

  1. To improve patient care standards by taking part in research and implementation of evidence based practices. This includes improving a safer healthcare environment with the coordination of other healthcare practitioners.
  2. Focus on lifelong learning through continuous education. This goal will help me approach all challenges as learning opportunities and always find ways to improve my skills and capabilities.
  3. Be of service to the community through different platforms of leadership. Promote patient education, provide medical care to those in need and use my skills to the benefit of the less fortunate. This includes taking part in volunteer campaigns that take medical assistance to developing countries where many access to sufficient healthcare.(Professional Development Essay Example)

Work experiences in leadership and teamwork will help me become more effective at my duties and work towards my career goals. The experience will help me hone my leadership and managements skills. The skills include analytical skills which will help my understanding and abiding by current regulations, as well as adapting to new laws. Communication Skills to enable me to effectively communicating to convey policies and procedures to other health professionals and ensuring compliance with current regulations and laws. Detail Oriented Skills to help pay attention to details, including organizing and maintaining the scheduling and billing information for substantial facilities like hospitals and Interpersonal Skills to help address staffing problems and patient information with other professionals, such as physicians and health insurance representatives.(Professional Development Essay Example)

Action Plan

Action step Goal
Join three healthcare organizations Attain the certification of three certification
Develop my Professional Skills Finish m education
Be an effective team leader Coordinate and manage teams
Complete my bachelor’s degree (12 credits left to go), apply to law school, get accepted to law school Improve my functional knowledge and skills





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