Week 7 Professional Association Assignment Solution

Discuss professional associations that you currently belong to and which associations that you plan to join after your licensure as an APRN.


Currently joined the AANP as a student after completion will join NBNA ( National Black Nurses Association, resident of NJ

Discuss professional associations that you currently belong to and which associations that you plan to join after your licensure as an APRN. Describe the benefits and advantages of membership in at least one professional association. Discuss how networking through a professional association can advance your career.


Week 7 Professional Association

I am currently an American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) member. The professional association focuses on reshaping healthcare delivery in the country. This objective is drawn from its mission to empower every nursing practitioner to advance accessible, equitable, person-centered healthcare delivery to diverse communities through education, practice, leadership, and research. I joined the association as a student as I firmly believe in the importance of quality patient-centered healthcare (Bokhour et al., 2018).

AANP has allowed me to learn better ways of healthcare delivery, especially on equity to healthcare services and patient safety. In addition, I believe that nurses should always go a step ahead of what was already done by previous generations. In this regard, AANP has allowed me to work with individuals with similar interests to ensure that we address the current problems in healthcare and streamline nursing operations so that future generations do not face the same struggles. I am glad to have an opportunity to add value to the healthcare delivery and nursing practice.

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Professional Association
Professional Association

AANP also provides several benefits, including quality education resources, continuing education, access to exclusive forums and communities, networking, and professional development for practice and career support (AANP, n.d). Additionally, members have direct access to NP services and can engage with members of Congress, among other key stakeholders, to discuss issues that may impact nursing practice, healthcare delivery, and reimbursement (AANP, n.d.). You can also access advocacy resources such as state legislation analysis, position statements, and opportunities to take action through the AANP advocacy center.

Moreover, members have access to timely and relevant information that aid in taking appropriate measures. Lastly, members receive discounts on practice resources, certifications, and travel. I intend to join the National Black Nurses Association once I finish my studies. The association serves African American registered nurses, and I believe it will provide me with a forum to advocate and implement strategies to ensure that people of color, a minority group in the country, have access to the highest healthcare quality (NBNA, n.d).


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