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Your discussion was informative and fascinating. I support your claims that presentations allow nurses to relay their messages to relevant stakeholders to implement changes toward improving the quality of care and patient safety. Therefore, identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses is vital to convincing the stakeholders on change implementation. Besides designing the presentation to meet the needs of your audience, proper organization and critical strengths can be used to reinforce one’s presentation (Presentations Organization).

Presentations Organization
Presentations Organization

Creative presentation organization ensures the work is well arranged so the audience can easily follow and connect your ideas (Poselennova et al., 2021). Good presentation organization eliminates avoidable questions when answering questions that emanate when the audience needs help following and connecting your work’s ideas. While many people get nervous during presentations, taking deep breaths has always helped me relieve any form of tension. To build on my strength, also plan my presentation early enough to ensure I have adequate time to edit and re-edit my presentation into a desirable organization.


Poselennova, O. A., Kovardakova, M. A., Aryabkina, I. V., Chernova, Y. A., & Ravodin, K. O. (2021). Creative self-presentation skills among students in the educational process of a higher education institution. Revista Eduweb15(2), 208-228.

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Good work! Your presentation was educative and engaging. I agree that being nervous renders one to lose their train of thought. However, adequate research is crucial to mitigating  nervousness  since it boosts one’s confidence in sharing information. In addition, engaging the audience through questions helps to make the presentation interesting, thus improving their participation while evaluating their level of understanding (Presentations Organization).

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A good presenter should share information professionally and quickly (Pandey, 2022). Using appropriate speed and pace ensures that the presenter articulates their works clearly for the audience to listen and understand. Being professional can help build on one’s strengths through appropriate choice of work and dressing (in face-to-face presentations) to boost confidence and mitigate nervousness (Presentations Organization).


Pandey, V. K., Shukla, R., & Pandey, S. (2022). The Importance of Presentation Skills for Employability. IUP Journal of Soft Skills16(1), 31-36.

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Excellent post! Your discussion was informative and fascinating. I support your claims that appropriate presentation organization is crucial to convey one message to the audience. However, managing a large audience can be challenging during the presentation. One of the effective strategies for managing a large audience is to keep them engaged and interested (Presentations Organization).

A presenter can go off the script by opening the presentation with an exciting story to capture the audience’s attention (Stewart & Fulop, 2019). Setting up some jokes and asking questions can also help the presenter successfully gain active participation and command of their audience. One way to build on presentation strengths is learning to use pace, tone, and speed to echo important or main points. By so doing, the audience is aware of what they are expected to understand fully.


Stewart, J. P., & Fulop, D. (2019). Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations: Winning Orals, Speeches, and Stand-up Presentations. John Wiley & Sons.

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