1-   Project Proposal Presentation Summary – This paper should follow the assignment templated. It is a compilation of the preceptor and the instructor’s reaction to the power point presentation and summary of presentation that describes how the interprofessional collaboration, (between your instructor and yourself), improved the effectiveness of your presentation. (I included some of the answers)(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)

2-    Reflective Journal -completed

·        All 11 Objectives will be present with single-spaced 5-6 sentence paragraphs present for each objective.

·; Practicum Reflective Journal

SOLUTION: Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example

New Practice Approaches

New practice approaches in professional practice include proactive engagement between health practitioners and patients, families, communities, and caregivers to optimize care delivery. My strengths include responsibility, accountability, coordination, communication, autonomy, mutual trust and respect, assertiveness, compassion, and cooperation. However, making critical decisions that influence significant outcomes was challenging. Reward and recognition and incorporating team building activities would influence optimal outcomes in a contemporary healthcare environment.(Practicum Reflective Journal Essay Example)

Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example

Intra – Professional Collaboration

Because people constantly exchange ideas regarding patient care and clinical procedures, I think intra- professional collaboration enhances healthcare delivery. Interpersonal and communication skills can help improve intrapersonal collaboration(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example). I have worked with fellow nurses collaboratively to improve care quality within and across settings. Strengths that surfaced include honesty, mutual trust and respect, flexibility, patience, compassion, acceptance, assertiveness, and cooperation. However, I worked on my communication skills and will continue to do so, together with commanding mutual respect and developing self-assurance. Training programs to enhance interpersonal skills, particularly communication skills, would optimize outcomes of intra-professional collaboration.(Practicum Reflective Journal Essay Example)

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Health Care Delivery and Clinical Systems

My role at the frontline of care is to deliver patient-centered care, work in interdisciplinary teams, adopt evidence-based practices, apply quality management, and utilize informatics. Strengths that surfaced include the ability to identify, respect, and care about patients’ differences, values, and presences to provide patient-centered care, cooperate, and collaborate with other professionals to improve healthcare delivery(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example). I need to improve my Health IT knowledge to mitigate errors and make decisions. In my practicum setting, positive primary health and nursing working environment can increase the quality of care, subsequently improving patient outcomes. (Practicum Reflective Journal Essay Example) 

Ethical Considerations in Health Care

As a healthcare professional, I must adhere to high ethical standards during practice. I must recognize ethical challenges and make wise judgments and decisions based on principles while abiding by the laws that control them, which makes ethics within the industry crucial. Regarding ethical practice, interacting more with patients and learning about ethical principles has broadened my understanding that I am just a healthcare facilitator, and patients get to make significant decisions regarding their care. It has significantly minimized ethical dilemmas faced during practice. Addressing insufficient resources, poor working environments, and nurse shortages would promote ethical practice, given the increasing complexity of the healthcare environment and ethical considerations.(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)

Population Health Concerns

Based on my understanding of the practice environment and patient populations, environmental quality (clean air, water, and food), sanitation, climate change, health equity, health reform, access to healthcare, tobacco use and exposure, mental health, injury, and violence, physical activity, nutrition, obesity, and immunization are common public health issues and concerns(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example). I encountered these issues in practice, and my comprehension of the link between vulnerability and access to care allows me to contribute meaningfully to addressing them. Adequate funding for public health institutions and specialists would help optimize outcomes.  

The Role of Technology in Improving Health Care Outcomes

Healthcare technologies present numerous prospects for enhancing and revolutionizing professional practice, including lowering human error rates, enhancing clinical outcomes, facilitating care coordination, increasing practice effectiveness, and tracking data over time. I have enhanced my IT skills to operate IT systems to collect, store, recover, and integrate patients’ data with other nursing management resources. The NRC is a resource that promotes the uptake of health IT by disseminating the most recent technologies, best practices, and research findings. It would help optimize health technology outcomes.(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)

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Health Policy

Health policy is significant in professional practice. It is aspirational, intended to convey to healthcare professionals the type of results they should aim for. Strengths that surfaced include knowledge of local, public, pharmaceuticals, health equity, and insurance health policies, which have been instrumental in promoting individual and community health.(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example) I need to learn about policies in mental health care because, currently, physical and mental health care are highly integrated. Nurses are a great resource in creating health policy through state and federal-level advocacy. Nurse advocacy can optimize health policy development outcomes.(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)

Leadership and Economic Models

Leadership is pivotal to the economic models that promote the growth and success of the healthcare system. Aspects of analyzing market factors, such as prices, demand, and competition within the market industry, are part of the economic models. As a nurse, I have grown my understanding of assessing every possibility’s utility before contrasting each option’s relative costs and advantages. The value-based system adopted in the practicum setting encourages me to focus on providing value to patients via economic models by ensuring the benefits outweigh the costs and helping patients make rational decisions. Adopting nursing education and training programs to enhance competence in economic models and leadership would generate optimal outcomes.(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)   

Health Disparities

In professional practice, health disparities increase the disease burden and limit opportunities to achieve optimal health in vulnerablepopulations. I have made significant progress in researching and practicing interventions and understanding policies related to health disparities. Most health disparities stem from social, economic, and environmental disadvantages. Specific policies by the government to address these disadvantages would optimize outcomes.  (Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)


The practicum period was simultaneously exciting and stressful because I was taking my last class to complete my BSN degree, and I was stressed at work due to staff shortages and long shifts. I found this class very interesting because it improves my competence and capacity to meet patient needs and work collaboratively within my team. I completed and presented an evidence-based project, which was significant in building my knowledge base and skills. I believe that the BSN prepares me to be an efficient, effective, and problem-solving nurse with the capacity to lead teams and engage in change processes.(Practicum Reflective-Journal Essay Example)

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