Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples

Overview:(Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples)

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses (PMHNs) assess, diagnose, and treat patients with mental health conditions. The roles allow PMHNPs to work in diverse and specialized settings to meet the needs of patients and families. Therefore, working in these diverse and specialized settings equips PMHNPs with the knowledge, skills, and experience to meet diverse patient needs (The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties, 2023). Aspiring PMHNPs should create a practicum plan with well-defined SMART goals to become self-sufficient and guide their career process (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

My ultimate goal for this Practicum is to pass my national certification examination toward becoming a PMHNP. Through this Practicum, I aim to build knowledge, skills, experience, and competency towards meeting my patients’ needs. I focus on improving and maintaining my main strength, which is utilizing evidence-based findings to promote the quality of care and patient safety during practice.

However, I also need to work on my weakness, dealing with children and adolescents with mental conditions from lack of experience. This Practicum will give me the experience and confidence to overcome my weaknesses. Through working with my preceptor and colleagues, I will also gain an enhanced understanding of ethical issues relating to patient care and effective overcoming strategies (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Psychotherapy Theory and Nursing Theory for Clinical Practice

While my primary focus is ensuring that patients receive the best available, I will prioritize patient-centered care. I will ensure that I involve the patient in making decisions affecting their health while empowering them to become independent during the care process. Thus, one nursing theory I will utilize in my clinical practice is the Self-care Deficit Theory. Oren Dorothea developed the nursing model, holding that people want to care for themselves (Tanaka, 2022). Thus, nursing professionals should enhance patient care by allowing them to do as much independently as possible (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples
Psychotherapy Theory and Nursing Theory for Clinical Practice

The theory helps patients recover through a maturational, making them more empowered to do more in their care. One psychotherapy theory I will utilize is Peplau’s theory, which defines nursing as a therapeutic and interpersonal process when educated professionals such as nurses foster therapeutic relationships with patients in need of care (Vogelsang, 2022). The theory will promote patient-centered care through positive-provider relationships that improve comprehension of patient care needs and behavior while improving care experiences(Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

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Complete each section below.

Part 1: Quarter/Term/Year and Contact Information

Section A


Student Contact Information


Street Address:

City, State, Zip:                      

Home Phone:

Work Phone:              

Cell Phone:



Preceptor Contact Information



Street Address:

City, State, Zip:                      

Work Phone:              

Cell Phone:


Professional/Work E-mail:     

Part 2: Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives

Objective 1: To gain confidence in recognizing clinical signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness across the lifespan by the end of this Practicum (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Planned Activities: I will conduct an evidence-based literature search about various psychiatric illnesses across the lifespan. By so doing, I will improve my knowledge about various mental health illnesses across lifespans. I will use the obtained evidence-based findings and knowledge to recognize the signs and symptoms the mental health illnesses (McCormack et al., 2020) (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Mode of Assessment: Verification will be documented in Meditrek.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

Enhanced recognition of signs and symptoms of various psychiatric illnesses across the lifespan

Improved confidence in comprehensive mental health evaluation across different lifespans.

Objective 2: To improve my medicine prescription knowledge and documentation of all adverse outcomes by the end of this Practicum

Planned Activities: I will conduct comprehensive pharmacotherapeutic assessments to provide accurate prescriptions for my clients. I will also follow up on my client’s inquiry about potential adverse drug reactions. I will document potential adverse drug reactions and research how to improve the patient’s state and prevent them in the future (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Mode of Assessment: Verification will be documented in Meditrek.

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PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

I will address the pharmacotherapeutic management outcome through this objective. Therefore, evidence-based guidelines during drug prescription will curb adverse reactions (Whirl‐Carrillo et al., 2021). Significantly, identifying and documenting all adverse reactions second to prescription will improve patient outcomes (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Objective 3: To learn how to exercise my professional roles within the scope of nursing practice by the end of this Practicum

Planned Activities: I will conduct a comprehensive mental health examination to determine my patients’ problems. By so doing, I identify the need to refer them to other healthcare professional specialties when necessary.

Mode of Assessment: (Note: Verification will be documented in Meditrek)

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

The outcome addressed through this objective is the observation of ethical guidelines by practicing within my scope of practice. Thus, I will ensure that my clients receive the best available care by ensuring specialized personnel attend to their specific needs (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

Part 3: Projected Timeline/Schedule

I intend to complete the 144 or 160 Practicum hours (as applicable) according to the following timeline/schedule. I also understand that I must see at least 80 patients during my practicum experience. I understand that I may not complete my practicum hours sooner than 8 weeks. I understand I may not be in the Practicum setting longer than 8 hours per day unless pre-approved by my faculty (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).

 Number of Clinical Hours Projected for Week (hours you are in PracticumPracticum Setting at your Field Site)Number of Weekly Hours for Professional Development (these are not practicum hours)Number of Weekly Hours for Practicum Coursework (these are not practicum hours)
Week 11668
Week 22468
Week 32468
Week 42468
Week 51667
Week 62467
Week 71667
Week 81667
Week 9066
Week 10066
Week 11066
Total Hours (must meet the following requirements)144 or 160 Hours6678
(Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples)

Part 4 – Signatures

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Student Signature (electronic):                                            Date:

Practicum Faculty Signature (electronic)**:                                 Date:

** Faculty signature signifies approval of Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

Submit your Practicum Experience Plan on or before Day 7 of Week 2 for faculty review and approval.

Once approved, you will receive a copy of the PEP for your records. You must share an approved copy with your Preceptor. The Preceptor is not required to sign this form (Practicum Experience Plan-nursing Paper Examples).


McCormack, G., Dillon, A. C., Healy, O., Walsh, C., & Lydon, S. (2020). Primary care physicians’ knowledge of autism and evidence-based interventions for autism: A systematic review. Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders7, 226-241.

Tanaka, M. (2022, May). Orem’s nursing self‐care deficit theory: A theoretical analysis focusing on its philosophical and sociological foundation. In Nursing forum (Vol. 57, No. 3, pp. 480-485).

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. (2023). Nurse practitioner core competencies content.

Vogelsang, L. (2022). Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations: Application to Asynchronous Nursing Education. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 17(3-4).

Whirl‐Carrillo, M., Huddart, R., Gong, L., Sangkuhl, K., Thorn, C. F., Whaley, R., & Klein, T. E. (2021). An evidence‐based framework for evaluating pharmacogenomics knowledge for personalized medicine. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics110(3), 563-572.

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