Organizational Background Statement-nursing Paper Examples

Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples

The organizational background statement’s primary goal is to create a clear picture of its history and mission. It is also essential in facilitating an understanding of the organization’s long-term goals and ways of facilitating long-term goals. An organizational background statement is essential in an organization since it shows it is well managed and hence gains the right public image (Chen & Huang, 2007). This is very crucial since any organization highly values public trust. The public trust shows the organization usually understands the community’s needs, which are crucial in acquiring more customers (Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples).

Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples
Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples

Moreover, it shows how the organization ideals diversity, making the general public either approve or reject it as tribal or racial, which may negatively impact the organization. Furthermore, the organization’s background statement shows whether an organization is financially stable, making it get grants easily compared to when its background statement is unclear (Slahor, 2014). It also illustrates which services are offered in the organization, thus making individuals understand its objectives and services (Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples).

Strong writing skills usually play a crucial role in grant writing; hence, it needs to be taken seriously to showcase through writing why one’s organization is worth receiving a grant. While the organization could be able to receive the grant, without proper communication with those capable of funding the organization, it may not give the grant (O’Neal-McElrath, 2013) (Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples).

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To improve my writing skills, the tools, and resources that would facilitate that would entail researching anything in the writing field one is unsure of, such as grammar points or punctuation analysis. Moreover, one can identify other people’s pieces in the same field. For instance, while writing a grant proposal, one should research other written grant proposals, see how it was done, and then practice it (Organizational Background Statement-Nursing Paper Examples).


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