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J – Reply 1 (Nursing Staff Burnout)

Your discussion post is informative and engaging! I support your claim that nursing staff burnout has been the major contributor to the nursing shortage. I also support that insufficient staffing predisposes nurses to burnout as they are subjected to more work than they can handle. In this case, burnout makes the nurses’ working environment unbearable rendering them unable to transfer or even change their career. I concur with your post that nursing recruitment and retention strategies will help curb staff shortages (Nursing Staff Burnout).

Nursing Staff Burnout
Nursing Staff Burnout

Burnout increases the risks of nurses making medical errors that could harm patients’ health. Besides medical errors, burnout affects the nurse-patient relationships since nurses are exposed to increased physical and emotional exhaustion as they attempt to address the needs of multiple patients without success (Jedwab et al., 2021). For instance, nurses are likely to reprimand patients for lack of personal fulfillment. However, recruitment and retention strategies such as work-life balance and emphasis on professional growth through on-the-job training and study leaves will remedy the situation (Nursing Staff Burnout).


Jedwab, R. M., Hutchinson, A. M., Manias, E., Calvo, R. A., Dobroff, N., Glozier, N., & Redley, B. (2021). Nurse motivation, engagement, and well-being before an electronic medical record system implementation: a mixed methods study. International journal of environmental research and public health18(5), 2726.

C reply 2

Your discussion is educative and engaging! I support your argument that despite the increase in the nursing workforce, the outrageous demand for healthcare services leads to a constant shortage. I also concur with your post that vulnerability to diseases increases with age. Thus, older populations require frequent healthcare attention compared to young ones. I support that the COVID-19 pandemic also has a significant demand for healthcare services leading to a nursing shortage since nurses’ frontline healthcare providers are curbing the virus (Nursing Staff Burnout).

Besides nursing shortage from increased demand to curb COVID-19, high risks caused by inadequate personal protective equipment and mental exhaustion caused by the pandemic also predisposed the nursing workforce to staff loss (Said & El-Shafei, 2021). However, adequate protective gear will protect the nurses from contracting the virus. Also, adequate staffing, job rotations, and mental health programs will reduce the chances of mental fatigue. Increasing enrolment in nursing training will help resolve nursing shortage concerns.


Said, R. M., & El-Shafei, D. A. (2021). Occupational stress, job satisfaction, and intent to leave: nurses working on front lines during COVID-19 pandemic in Zagazig City, Egypt. Environmental Science and Pollution Research28(7), 8791-8801.

C Reply 3

Your discussion is informative and fascinating! The main takeaway from your post is that high nurse turnover rates have immensely affected the nursing workforce. While some nurses change their profession, most leave it due to old age. In this case, I support your claims that the aging nursing workforce has contributed to a staff shortage since old-generation nurses leave their jobs when there are no available young talents to replace them. I liked that you mentioned that the growth in technology has contributed to increased retirement since old nurses are finding it challenging to operate modern equipment.

The nursing profession should incentivize nursing education to encourage more people to enroll in the nursing career (Shamsi & Peyravi, 2020). For instance, the provision of scholarships for new nursing students and the existing workforce ensures that new talents replace old nurses after retirement. The profession should also organize mentorship programs for nursing students and young nurses to improve their competency and morale to develop and advance their careers Nursing Staff Burnout.


Shamsi, A., & Peyravi, H. (2020). Nursing shortage, a different challenge in Iran: A systematic review. Medical journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran34, 8.

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