Nursing Practicum Class Objectives

Every student’s practicum environment and preceptor is different, therefore practicum objectives will vary for all students. Write 3 individualized practice objectives using APA format that you will achieve during the next 8 weeks. All practicum activities should be directed towards accomplishing these set goals. Remember, objectives should be measurable, able to be completed during the 8 weeks for the practicum time, and produce proof, an artifact or evidence that they were achieved. 


Student will develop an educational activity or policy/process improvement proposal including a slide presentation about postpartum hemorrhage for presentation to nursing students. 

Student will create an evaluation tool (I plan to create a pre/post-test) to gain information to improve the quality of the project

Student will create and deliver training modules about postpartum hemorrhage to staff or student nurses.


This is the instruction from the Module this week, the 3 objectives above that I listed are ones that I plan on doing for the project. I also need personal objectives included for myself and the practicum course.





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See also  Review the media, The Nurse Informatics Leader, presented in this week’s Learning Resources. How can nurses apply leadership strategies to facilitate change during informatics initiatives?

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