N582 Module 8: Assessing and Evaluating Learning


Critical Thinking Exercises: 

  • Develop a clinical pathway on a health-related topic of your choice, based on the example provided on p.507 – 516 (Bradshaw and Lowenstein).
  • Create a formative and summative evaluation tool based on the 10-minute lecture you developed in Module 6. How might you modify your presentation based on feedback?
  • Describe barriers that can impede the evaluation process, and how they can be overcome.
  • Identify and critique an evaluation tool

Professional Development Exercises: 

For this exercise, you will proceed through the following steps:

A. Identify a population of interest and one healthcare activity that members of this population either should practice or are required to practice to maintain health. For example, you might identify adults with insulin-dependent diabetes who must self-inject insulin on at least a daily basis.

B. Identify an educational intervention that you would provide to members of this population to teach them this healthcare activity.

C. Conduct a literature search to identify existing instruments that would be appropriate for use to evaluate effectiveness of your teaching in the situation you have described in A. and B. above.

D. Critique each instrument you have identified (or three of these instruments if you have identified a large number) for evidence of reliability, validity, appropriateness with your identified population, and feasibility of use in your setting.

E. Based on your critique, select one instrument you would use for evaluating teaching effectiveness. Justify your selection.


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