Choose any piece of music, studio or live recorded, personal, commercially distributed, or publicly documented on YouTube or something like that. 

* I am leaving this up to who ever is writing my paper. It’s your choice. This way it will be easier for you. Choose any type of music that you are familiar with.”

Provide a link to the piece and discuss it in assignment using at least three of the key terms encountered in chapters 2 and 3, link ( scroll down, preferably using at least one from each chapter, so that you describe the piece in terms of sound and structure but also from a cultural point of view. Consider choosing a piece of music that could offer substantial depth and meaning and/or music that is innovative and culturally relevant. 

Please include date of composition, music styles, structures, instruments, tune etc. Describe the terms of sound and explain cultural point of view as well. I gave you the link above for chapter 2 and 3. (Basically whole book). Please use simple language but college level. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

*Please write 2 and half page. Please. Thank You*

A Page will cost you $12, however, this varies with your deadline. 

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