Proposal Summary Assignment Solution : The Relationship between Mental Workload and Job Performance among Nurses during Covid-19

Proposal Summary : The Relationship between Mental Workload and Job Performance among Nurses during Covid-19 – Solution

Please provide 3 page summary of proposal in Title of (The Relationship between Mental Workload and Job Performance among Nurses during Covid-19), that will include:

1. One paragraph on the importance of topic and some background that leads to studying the problem.

2.  One-two paragraph on the state of the science

3.  The purpose and research questions (Be sure IV and DV are clear)

4.  Proposed Design

5.  Setting and Sample( the study will take place in King Fahad Medical city in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).

6.  Variables and their measurement

7.  Procedure

8.  Analysis


Employee Mental Health

Mental health among employees is considered an essential factor for effective work performance and overall work performance. Employee mental health issues have been on the rise recently following the Covid 19 pandemic. According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review. (2020), 42% of the respondents reported having a declined in their mental state at the beginning of the outbreak. While considering prosocial behavior at work, employers need to adopt actions that benefit employees rather than themselves. Some ways to improve employee mental health are modeling healthy workplace behaviors, building a check-in culture where one evaluates the individual performance, enhancing inclusiveness, training employees on how to deal with stress, and modifying practices and policies to improve mental health.

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Nonetheless, mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are closely related in that in the case where employees from diverse backgrounds are misrepresented, biased, or faced with other stressors, their mental health at work is negatively affected. Some of the initiatives an organization can take to avoid non-conformity and group thinking are ensuring that all employees are well represented in the decision-making process, encouraging different viewpoints from the employees, and rewarding employees who share opinions outside the company’s norm. Additionally, with the various roles in an organization, all persons in leadership positions have the duty and responsibility to promote and maintain workplace well-being. While employers have the legal responsibility to ensure workplace mental health under the Health and Safety at Work regulation, I think it is everyone’s role, including executive administrators, managers, team leads, and staff.

Moreover, some of the core values that could promote a prosocial workplace environment include forgiveness, gratitude, humor, kindness, leadership, spirituality, and love (Frontiers, n.d). Employee mental health relates to emotional intelligence in several ways. Typically, employees with mental health issues are often stigmatized and are treated differently from others. This behavior is mainly due to the lack of adequate understanding of the topic surrounding mental health. However, through emotional intelligence, employees can clearly understand those affected, providing the necessary support. Lastly, high levels of emotional intelligence are associated with improved mental health.


Frontiers. (n.d.). Prosocial behavior at work through the lens of character strengths

Harvard Business Review. (2020, August 7). 8 ways managers can support employees’ mental health. Harvard Business Review.

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Relationship between Mental Workload and Job Performance among Nurses during Covid-19
Relationship between Mental Workload and Job Performance among Nurses during Covid-19

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Related FAQs

1. How is mental workload measured?

Using this model, the mental workload of a doctor can be measured in four ways:

  1. Primary task intensity, (number of cases seen, knots tied)
  2. Objective physiological measures, (heart rate or skin conductivity)
  3. Objective psychological measures (secondary tasks)
  4. Subjective operator measures (questionnaires)

2. What are the factors that affect mental workload?

In this study, we found that the labour sector, age, smoking habits and alcohol consumption are independent risk factors for the development of moderate to significant mental workload.

3. How is mental workload related to task load and work efficiency?

Your subjective workload of driving a stick shift will decrease. This is sometimes referred to as an increase in workload efficiency [2]. So, a good way to define mental workload as a whole is as the product of factors that contribute to one’s workload efficiency for a given taskload.

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4. How do you explain mental load?

Mental load definition: mental load is the cognitive effort involved in managing your work, relationships, a family, and a household. Mental load is the whole bundle of details you manage throughout the day. It has to do with your responsibilities, formal or not, as well as the decisions you have to make.

5. Why is human mental workload an important factor in cognitive informatics?

The principal reason for assessing mental workload is to quantify the cost associated to performing a cognitive task for predicting operator and/or system performance [53, 54]. It has been extensively documented that mental underload and overload can negatively influence performance [55].

6. What is workload in ergonomics?

Workload is related to competence (eg some tasks can require less processing in experienced personnel), working hours/patterns (eg underload in nightshift control room operators), organisational change (where tasks or roles are changed) and staffing levels.

7. How do mental models work?

A mental model is the specific thought process you use to examine a problem. There are many types of known mental models, and each one takes a unique view of a foreign concept in order to reduce its complexity. In short, it is the mind’s way of making sense of something. A mental model is a way of examining a problem.

8. What are workload drivers?

Driving workload can be defined as the demand tasks exerted on a pool of undifferentiated mental resources. Research has shown that driving workload has a substantial influence on task performance [4]. When the driving workload is high, drivers may lose awareness of the importance of tasks.

9. What is the mental load of parenting?

If you’re not familiar, the mental load is when one parent does more parenting, sometimes without realizing it. But other times, the person carrying the load knows all about it, but their partner doesn’t.

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