Topic 8 DQ 1-Medical Errors in Healthcare Settings-Nursing Essay Samples

Medical Errors

Medical errors in healthcare settings
Medical errors in healthcare settings

Medical errors in healthcare settings occur due to multiple elements, including human factors such as poor communication, missed patient information on the information system, lack of motivation, and high workload. Technologies like electronic health records, computerized physician order entries, and decision support systems remain adopted to increase efficiency in healthcare and minimize medical errors associated with adverse patient outcomes. However, these technologies are not entirely accurate and reliable due to technological deficiencies and human errors while using the technologies (Carayon & Hoonakker, 2019).

IV or programmed infusion pumps help reduce dosage errors and are integral to nursing practice. I was once assigned a patient and had to program the IV pump. However, I did it incorrectly, resulting in an overdose. I realized the error after the patient exhibited extreme nausea, vomiting, and severe stomach pains. Moreover, which are not typical side effects of the correct dose of the medication administered. After identifying the error, I contacted the physician and the management (Medical errors).

Hence, worked together to fix the adverse effects to the best of our ability.The incident happened towards the end of my shift. Furthermore, I had several patients to attend to and complete notes. More so, for transfer to the nurse coming for the next shift. I remained severely worn out, and my concentration levels stayed low.

Research shows that heavy workloads and burnout remain associated with an increased risk of medical errors (Lin et al., 2021). Hence, am a statistic of this (Medical errors in healthcare settings). I shared my mistakes with staff and leadership to demonstrate that I am relatable and dedicated to creating a just. In addition, open culture that values every employee regardless of their mistakes (Medical errors).

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On the other hand, and comes together as a team to solve the problem. I owned up to the mistake and remain determined to rectify the situation. Consequently, engaging colleagues to focus on the next best steps. To address the issue of burnout contributing to medical errors, the administration should develop strategies like reducing shift hours from 12 hours to 8 or 10 hours, ensuring an all-time high concentration. According to research, aggregate weekly working hours remain linked with burnout scores, doubling when weekly hours exceed 60 and tripling when hours exceed 74 (Lin et al., 2021). Therefore, reducing weekly hours is a way to ensure high engagement and concentration throughout a shift.


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