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Dying is the process one goes through before the final breath. This can be a painful journey that takes time, utilizes resources, or is a quick and painless process. To me, dying is the process that allows the transition of a person from one world to another. In its way, the dying process is unique for each person and occurs in an unprecedented manner. While death is the final breath and the lack of it after that, dying is the process that gets one to the last breath and can be painful and take longer(Loss of Life).

Some experiences of death can be meaningful. For people who have lived their years fully and lived to old age, death is meaningful as it allows them to transition to another world. In the cases where one struggles with illness and health issues, wading through pain, and assisted living but still maintains hope and faces fears, the dying process is meaningful, but death is not. In cases where one faces pain and suffering, death can be a meaningful way of letting the patient rest(Loss of Life).

Loss of Life
Loss of Life-Nursing

Death Precautions (Loss of Life)

With the advent of more effective technology and health systems in treating chronic illnesses, the dying process is longer as different measures can be taken to attempt to help the patient (Oates & Maani, 2020). While the measures and systems can help treat and monitor the patient, they lengthen the dying process, leading to more pain and feelings of being a burden to the family(Loss of Life).

A good death is only among the elderly, who have fully lived their lives and are conscious of their transition. In such cases, one is prepared and has addressed all her personal and family issues fully. Hence death is a smooth transition for them that involves no pain, is quick, and often associated with rest(Loss of Life).


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