Letter of Analysis on Royse

Pro Tips: When writing the letter of analysis:

  • You don’t have to give feedback for all five writing concerns! You have to give praise in AT LEAST two of them. You may give more praise, but you can also just pick the two that most impressed you. In the recommendations section, you need to do EXACTLY two. If you do more recommendations than that, you will actually lose credit. Too many recommendations can be overwhelming. Just give the two biggest concerns, and leave the rest for the instructor to address in the second draft.
  • Don’t forget to give two strategies for improvement! You don’t necessarily need to read the entire revision strategies list. You can focus your attention on the sections that align with the recommendations you made. For instance, if you made recommendations on improving development and structure, read the development and structure sections until you find two revisions strategies you think would help. Then just copy and paste them.
  • You don’t have to compare yourself to the other writer! You can certainly say whatever you like about your own process (so long as it’s relevant to their writing), but don’t worry about who is “better.” If they are several steps ahead of you or behind you as a writer, so what? Your role is as a reader and your goal is the help the writer get to the next step of improvement, whatever that is for them. Unless this essay is the best thing you’ve ever read, you can probably illuminate that next step for them.

The letter of analysis will be from the classical argument file draft Royse . Thank you.

Letter of Analysis on Royse-Sample Solution

Letter of Analysis

Dear Royce,

I went through your classical argument and identified the following:


You have written a paper on the importance of communication in clinical practice, the consequences of poor communication, and strategies that can be adopted to enhance communication among interdisciplinary teams. First, you highlighted that communication is critical in care coordination and general healthcare delivery and is integral to accomplishing patient care objectives. Second, you added that there is a direct link between communication and healthcare outcomes, increasing the need to adopt evidence-based strategies, including a standardized checklist, participating in simulation-based training, and providing education on the communication process you shared to improve the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams. (Letter of Analysis Essay Example)


THESIS/FOCUS: Your thesis is focused and well developed throughout the paper. The essay focuses on the importance of communication in the clinical environment and the consequence of communication failure. The thesis highlights the problem statement indicating that not all members are involved in communication currently, the interventions to enhance communication, including using a standardized checklist, participating in simulation-based training, and providing education on the communication process to every member, and the outcome, which is improved communication among interdisciplinary team members. These thesis elements are sustained throughout the paper, with supported information from current, peer-reviewed studies. You did well in this section, and you achieved your stated purpose.(Letter of Analysis Essay Example)

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DEVELOPMENT: I was also impressed with your idea development corresponding to the thesis. Your reasoning is clear and logical, and every statement and point developed or argument brought forward is well-thought and convincing. Regarding idea development, I am convinced you did a proper job, which helped sustain the thesis elements throughout the paper and deliver a compelling argument.


    However, I have concerns about some elements of writing that you need to improve to become a better academic writer. You have a proper idea development, but your rhetorical arrangement, paragraph organization, and transitions within the paragraphs need improvement.

4. STRUCTURE: Although the ideas are well developed, the organization is flawed and sometimes fails to support the focus and unify the ideas in your essay. The organization contains gaps that, if addressed, would make the essay more aesthetic and free-flowing. Notably, the heading levels do not follow the APA style. The level one headings in a classical argument are the introduction, background, body (argument), opposition, refutation, and conclusion. I am more interested in the body section of the paper. Based on your thesis and main ideas, the interventions shared are subtopics within the body section and should be developed as level two headings rather than level one. Also, it is vital to use heading levels provided in word to specify level one and level two headers.(Letter of Analysis Essay Example)

PARAGRAPH ORGANIZATION: Additionally, your paragraph organization and transition within the paragraphs are a major concern. Often, a paragraph has a topic sentence, evidence, critical thinking, and a transition, meaning that a paragraph requires at least four sentences. Some paragraphs have less than four sentences and do not follow the basic paragraph model. For instance, paragraphs one and two have three sentences. Paragraph four has two sentences, while paragraph nine has three sentences. Your paragraphs should follow the basic model to be more convincing and make your essay more robust. Also, you mention research studies in some paragraphs without in-text citations, such as in paragraphs one, three, and five. Your refutation paragraph is not evidence supported. Notably, most of your citations are indicated at the end of the paragraph instead of within the paragraph and at the end of the evidence sentence (s). Proper citations would make your work more credible and reliable.


    Based on these concerns, I would advise that your review essay structuring or rhetoric organization and paragraph structuring and transition notes provided by the instructors.

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STRUCTURE: To improve essay structure:

  1. The Paragraph Shuffle: Create a set of index cards, with one card for each paragraph in your essay. Write one idea per index card. If you have multiple ideas in each paragraph, write the second (and third, etc.) idea on a separate card. Now, shuffle the cards. Inspect the order. Try rearranging the cards to deliver your focus, ideas, and overall message more effectively.
  2. Color the Categories: Use a highlighter to separate your ideas into categories. Use one color highlighter to mark all your sentences within one category in your essay. Use a different color to code the second category, etc. Now organize your essay into matching colors/categories(Letter of Analysis Essay Example)

PARAGRAPH ORGANIZATION: To improve paragraph structuring and transition within paragraphs, I recommend:

  1. Basic Paragraph Model: Use this paragraph model to ensure your body paragraphs are developed and organized so that readers can clearly understand the relationship between your ideas and the progression of your thoughts.
    1. Topic Sentence: States the main idea of this paragraph and shows how it supports the thesis
    2. Evidence: Expert opinion, example, fact, statistical, or logical argument
    3. Critical Thinking: Analyzes, synthesizes, and/or evaluates the evidence
    4. Transition: Make a connection between the main idea of this paragraph, the paper’s thesis statement, and the next paragraph’s main point.
  2. Transition Test: Q & A
  3. Look at the last sentence of your body paragraph.
  4. Write three questions about your main idea. Begin each question with how, why, or what.
  5. Now look at the first sentence of the following paragraph–does it answer or respond to any of those implied questions? If not…
  6. Write the answer to the question…
  7. That answer may fit the first sentence of your paragraph that already exists.
  8. OR! You may need to create another new paragraph.(Letter of Analysis Essay Example)
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Generally, the argument is thought-provoking and encouraging and puts forward a genuine concern in the healthcare environment, impacting the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams and patient health outcomes. Your essay/academic writing level is recommendable regarding thesis development, sustaining the thesis thro(Letter of Analysis Essay Example)

Letter of Analysis Essay Example

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