Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

PRAC 6675: Week 11 Journal Entry

Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Goals and Objectives

Through journaling, students can evaluate their education and pinpoint areas of strength and growth (Murillo-Llorente et al., 2021). Throughout the practicum, I obtained the necessary knowledge and skills to grow my career as an advanced practice nurse. During the course, I became more proficient at conducting and interpreting physical examinations, including laboratory and diagnostic tests, as well as thorough and periodic patient histories. I became more adept at choosing the best evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to create medication plans that take into account patient preferences, developmental milestones, financial constraints, the informed consent process, risk-benefit analysis, and symptom management. I have also gotten better at creating age-appropriate, tailored care plans to increase my confidence in delivering patient-centered care.(Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example 1

The Three Most Challenging Patients

I worked with various patients presenting with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, insomnia disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD, dementia, and schizophrenia. However, the three most difficult patient interactions involved the patient with major depressive disorder, who occasionally behaved uncooperatively during the interview, another patient with bipolar disorder, who seemed uninterested in the process and wanted it to end sooner, and a third patient with dementia, who suffered from memory problems and had trouble verbalizing her medications as well as some of the activities she had participated in. These individuals made the interview process challenging, and it was difficult to get the right details about their condition. I also had to make sure I was sensitive to their emotions to get the best possible outcome out of these clients. As a result of these encounters, I gained experience handling difficult situations, which has improved my preparedness to work with different clients as a nurse with advanced training.(Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

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My peers and preceptor were an invaluable resource, providing recommendations and guidance based on their extensive experience managing multiple patients with similar conditions. I also looked up articles and recommendations on handling challenging patients online. In terms of evidence-based practice, I used cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), communication therapy, and psychological stimulation to treat the three patients’ impaired interpersonal functioning, impaired cognitive and behavioral patterns, and memory impairment. The patient’s mood, interaction, and involvement all improved with the help of these evidence-based treatment techniques. In a follow-up visit with these clients, I would establish a stronger rapport while giving them sufficient information regarding the interviews and the expectations placed on them. I would also make certain to give the client ample opportunity to respond to every inquiry and to allow them enough rest in between. I would also act with greater confidence to dispel the patient’s concerns about my capacity to assist them.(Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Patient Flow and Volume Management

            I adopted various approaches to managing patient flow and volume at the practicum site. Reducing the focus on non-clinical and preliminary services, monitoring and optimizing cycle-time activities, enhancing provider communication, and extending shift hours were all necessary to manage patient flow and volume on peak days. Regarding adopting my skillset to be a social change agent within my community, I put forth a possible change project in the practicum setting that would help improve care delivery and patient outcomes. (Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)I also adopted and will continue to employ my skillset to assess and understand community needs and other areas that need to change to ensure a healthy community as the first step towards becoming a social change agent. My comprehension of clinical practice, the field of nursing, and what patients require has improved as a result of the practicum. The knowledge gained will aid in identifying areas in need of transformative initiatives and continuous improvement.(Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

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Communicating and Feedback

Throughout this practicum, I have significantly improved my competencies, skills, and confidence in PMHNP practice and patient engagement. Nonetheless, I have to improve in multiple other areas and continue gaining more knowledge and learning more skills to improve my practice as a psychiatric mental health NP. (Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)I need to work on honing my communication abilities and patient engagement competencies to effectively manage difficult patient interactions and guarantee that every interview goes well. I will keep reading academic journals and clinical guidelines to gain more knowledge about how to develop my abilities in patient engagement and communication. I plan to share my accomplishments with the preceptor via face-to-face meetings, and performance feedback and self-assessment reports shared with the preceptor. The face-to-face meetings will be informal, while the performance reports and self-assessments will serve as formal communications, which will also maintain records and evidence of collaborating with the preceptor throughout the practicum period. (Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example 2


Murillo-Llorente, M. T., Navarro-Martínez, O., Valle, V. I., & Pérez-Bermejo, M. (2021). Using the Reflective Journal to Improve Practical Skills Integrating Affective and Self-Critical Aspects in Impoverished International Environments. A Pilot Test. International journal of environmental research and public health18(16), 8876. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph18168876(Learning From Experiences-A Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


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