Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing Paper Examples

Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing Examples

During this week’s reflective journal, my preceptor and I discussed leadership and economic models. I learned that healthcare is one of the most challenging professions that require strategic leadership and management skills. Nurses and other healthcare professionals require direction in a demanding and dynamic field. Healthcare leaders are responsible for promoting quality care by motivating and empowering their staff, setting clear organizational goals and vision, promoting patient safety, and creating a conducive work environment (Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing Examples).

Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing  Examples
Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing Examples

For example, good staff welfare and incentives motivate employees to provide quality care. Subsequently, I learned that leadership and economic models are highly linked and instrumental in creating successful health systems. The economic models allow healthcare providers to evaluate market variables based on price, demand, and competition in the health market industry (Husereau et al., 2022). Therefore, health leaders should adopt programs that make quality care accessible and affordable (Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing Examples).

One of my major strengths during this week was the ability to partake in leadership responsibilities in the clinical environment. I led by example by promoting effective communication. Effective communication improves my collaboration with other providers and patients during care delivery (Nicola et al., 2020). For instance, I collaborated with other providers and patients/their families on suitable interventions for specific patients depending on their needs. I also effectively advocated for my patients by educating them about their rights and healthcare issues relating to healthcare costs and insurance programs (Leadership and Economic Models-Nursing Examples).

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I used the economic model to allocate time for patient services. Although making decisions concerning complicated issues such as care compliance was my major weakness, my preceptor offered the required guidance to improve my critical thinking skills to solve problems and ethical issues in clinical settings. Health leaders are mandated to guide and mentor young nursing talents to improve current and future healthcare delivery. The leaders should be involved in formulating policies that make quality care accessible and affordable to promote healthier communities.


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Nicola, M., Sohrabi, C., Mathew, G., Kerwan, A., Al-Jabir, A., Griffin, M., … & Agha, R. (2020). Health policy and leadership models during the COVID-19 pandemic: A review. International Journal of Surgery81, 122-129. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1743919120305616

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