Importance of Study Topic as it Applies to Patients and Organizations-Nursing Paper Examples-1

Importance of Study Topic

This article examines the importance of physical activity (PA) on the well-being of school children.  Its implications affect obese persons, teaching staff, school nursing, and school health services (Pittman, 2018). Therefore, professionals in their areas of specialization must focus on delivering quality services, given they seek similar outcomes (Importance of Study Topic).

For example, the study mainly conducted in a school setting, providing an ideal environment to identify and address child inactivity and obesity problems. Likewise, the article highlights the community’s role in influencing healthy living; they should capitalize on skilled school nurses by providing resources and funding to facilitate PA programs during and after school. Consequently, the article addresses obesity-related issues and their impacts on learning institutions and the community.

Nursing Implications (Importance of Study Topic)

The study’s findings were statistically insignificant. Hypothesis 1, proposed using a tracker and text messaging, positively affect PA self-efficacy and remains unsupported. Hypothesis 2 proposed that using a tracker and text messaging positively affects physical fitness and remains partially supported (Pittman, 2018). Likewise, hypothesis 3, proposed that using a tracker and text messaging improves the PA self-efficacy, physical fitness, and body fat percentage of middle school students, remains unsupported.

Importance of Study Topic
Nursing Implications

The study presented intervention effects and how participants responded. In this study, participants remained divided into three groups, and different interventions administered. Since the statistical significance was insignificant, the interventions exhibited low clinical significance since the researcher could not establish measurable effects on children’s physical activity.

The article identifies a gap in technology use to improve children’s physical activity signifying potential risk to practice. However, the findings add to the evidence on the technology used to improve health and, as a result, provide an ideal path for future nursing interventions to enhance health among children. The study’s findings provided in the article are statistically insignificant and exhibited low clinical significance. This means that the findings are not feasible to implement (Importance of Study Topic).


Pittman, A. (2018). Effect of a school-based activity tracker, companion social website, and text messaging intervention on exercise, fitness, and physical activity self-efficacy of middle school students. The Journal of School Nursing36(2), 112-120.

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