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Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example

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Importance of Learning Teams

Effective teamwork can help improve efficiency and customer service within the department. With the volume of calls rapidly increasing, it is imperative to set up frameworks that will maximize the teams’ strengths and ensure all the needs of the customer are met to satisfaction. One of the key strategies will be to identify and define clear common goals for the department. As a baseline, the team will share the common goals geared towards delivering high-quality customer service and maximizing the strengths of team members. Having clarity of goals and objectives and establishing short term milestones for the team will help improve the productivity of team members.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

Besides, building effective teams requires a clear definition of roles within the group. All team members have to understand their duties and responsibilities. Clear roles will empower the members to take ownership of their duties and responsibilities, understand the expectations of other team members, and comprehend the role and contribution they make to the team (Dolmans, Michaelsen, Van Merrienboer, & van der Vleuten, 2015). Further, the precise definition of tasks will help curb dissent, eliminate excess, and align all resources to the common goal of the department.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

Secondly, with clearly defined roles, the department will also have a framework for informal and formal rewards. Recognition and rewards are essential in elevating the team spirit (Hughes et al., 2016). The available resources can be used to define corporate team rewards attached to the goals and milestones of the team. The approach will allow each team member to work together willingly to attain the department’s goals. The framework also improves engagement and commitment, which are critical drivers of team success.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

Teams are essential as they bring individuals with different competencies and capabilities together for a common goal. Through teams and teamwork, individuals with varying ethics of work and styles converge and merge under shared common goals. The collective power of teams facilitates the attainment of goals and high productivity compared to working individually. In healthcare, teams are defined by the skills and competencies of team members and are often geared towards improving the quality of care and patient outcomes (Nester, 2016).(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

Teams are also utilized extensively in other industries such as the military, aviation, and auto-racing. The approach used in aviation and auto-racing for teams maximizes on establishing high-level coordination and collaboration for different tasks to be performed effectively. The military also relies on coordination and communication through pre-defined frameworks as crucial drivers of teamwork. One of the main focus areas is forming relationships within the team, establishing clear communication channels, and clearly defining the roles of team members.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

One of the best practices the healthcare system can adopt from military teams is communication. While the model of communication can be different, military units have well-defined communication frameworks that improve their efficiency and limit breakdowns. Having a communication strategy could help improve the efficiency of healthcare teams. Secondly, the healthcare industry can borrow from the aviation industry the precise definition of roles and an emphasis on forming working relationships. Working relationships help improve coordination and collaboration in tasks, helps manage expectations, and collectively helps define the strengths and weaknesses of the team.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

Organization processes such as job design and delegation will influence the decision making process to improve efficiency and customer service. Job design relates to the roles and responsibilities of different team members in the team. To improve efficiency, the roles have to be clearly defined, and the interactions between the roles should also be identified. Further, Teunissen, (2015) notes that responsible delegation of duties with the teams will be geared towards the strengths and weaknesses of team members and could contribute to better and more harmonious customer service.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

With the available funds, teams should be established and empowered to perform their roles and attain shared objectives. Empowerment will include training and development coupled with team building to equip team members with sufficient skills for teamwork. Secondly, with the teams, roles will be redefined, and each team member empowered to comprehend his/her role. A formal rewards system will then be established for groups with recognition on the attainment of critical milestones. The available funds will also cater for team building activities that will aim at improving coordination and collaboration via working relationships and a clear communication plan. Team building will help the department improve efficiency and customer service.(Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example)

Importance of Learning Teams Essay Example


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