Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion.

Importance of family health essay sample

Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion. How does a nurse determine which strategy would best enable the targeted individuals to gain more control over, and improve, their health?(Importance of family health essay sample)

1. the concept of family is important because one family member can influence another (Whitney, 2018). Family structure is affected by their environment, behaviors, and reactions. If poor health behaviors or habits are established in a family, the pattern continues. Understanding how a family functions and what factors contribute to their health allows the nurse to understand a patient’s likelihood of changing their behaviors.

The best strategy to help an individual gain control would be to assess the family and how the behaviors affect the individual. It is important to assess and understand a family’s dynamic and encourage assist the patient to “make choices and changes for better health” (Falkner, 2018). By assessing the family, the nurse is able to determine what influences the individual to the health behaviors they make. It also allows the nurse to advocate for the individual and encourage the patient to make behavior changes.(Importance of family health essay sample)


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2. Community and family health are inextricably intertwined. Family Health offers a range of preventative, rehabilitative, and health promotion activities and programs for all family members in addition to the treatment of diseases. It encompasses more than simply the overall health of each family member since it takes into account the relationships among family members as well as those between the family and its social, biological, and ecological environments. The family is a crucial environment for promoting health. Family does serve as a support system for health. One can argue that good health starts at home. Furthermore, strong families are essential to the prosperity of nations and countries. Taking care of your family’s health is a great concept (Tamborini, 2021).(Importance of family health essay sample)

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In at least a few interconnected ways, family is extremely significant for both individual and community health. It provides information about the current environment that affects the improvement and maintenance of one’s health and activities related to health. It demonstrates your concern for them. Family members serve as conduits for culture, information, resources, and opportunities, providing continuity in people’s lives that can span generations. The family is a crucial partner in health prevention at all levels, and the family home is the perfect environment for population health promotion activities (Weiss-Laxer et al., 2020).(Importance of family health essay sample)

The growth and modification of lifestyles as well as social, economic, and environmental factors that affect health can be influenced by health promotion techniques. Practitioners of health promotion typically create frameworks for their services and programs based on the social and physical organization of the places where daily living occurs. An effective tool that has a good, long-term effect on families’ lives is health promotion. Families are taught how to improve their wellness through usable, regular practices through health promotion. Reorienting health services and creating welcoming surroundings is one of the most effective methods for promoting health (Michaelson et al., 2021).(Importance of family health essay sample)

Importance of family health essay sample


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Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion. How does a nurse determine which strategy would best enable the targeted individuals to gain more control over, and improve, their health?

3. Family is the tiniest unit of a complex ever-changing societal structure, enriched with cultural spurts, values, norms, and belief system. A holistic care approach of treating individuals intimately but interconnectedly with the entire family as whole, not undermining the physical and psychological aspect of its members is called “Family Health”.

The health of the family as a unit influences the health of its individual members. Comprehending what inaugurates “family” for a particular societal unit, helps nurses to effectively assess, intervene for family health promotion thus justifying why the concept of family health is important (Green, 2018).

Strategies for health promotion commences with knowledge of the nurse educator, through continuing education, critical thinking, research and observation skills, the nurse will acquire knowledge mastery for identification of risk factors, predispositions, vaccination routines and health education style to enable people accomplish optimal health.

Health pattern assessments can help nurses tailor their strategies towards health promotions on targeted individuals and their families, these can be illustrated using “Gordons health pattern assessments, the nurse evaluates behavioral patterns, considers physical and social environment, individual/family tendencies, biological and genetic influences thus helping in establishing wellness strategies to treat patients.

Health education, communication (verbal or non-verbal), exemplary lifestyle, health policy and environmental changes are some of the strategies nurses can employ to teach individuals and their families to regain control over behaviors, lifestyles, health struggles and by further tailoring it to suit the learning styles of target audience (R.M. PHD Rn et., 2022f).

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“And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household ” (English Standard Bible Version 2017, Matthew 10:36).


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