4-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Annotated Bibliography-Human Interaction with the Environment-Nursing Paper Environment

Human Interaction with the Environment

Human interaction with the environment impacts the learning process. Humans interact with the environment through the five senses, and the inadequacy of one sense can affect the learning process, affecting development in turn. Consequently, Remote learning is increasingly becoming a learning facilitator today. Visually impaired students experience multiple challenges in the physical learning environment, and online learning presents additional challenges.

Therefore, providing an environment that supports learning for children with disabilities, in this case, visual impairment, is critical to ensure every student enjoys the right to free and decent public education. Furthermore, This paper provides an annotated bibliography of literature that supports the research question and the theoretical framework of the study. 

Malik, F., & Marwaha, R. (2022). Cognitive development. StatPearls [Internet].

This article discusses Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Besides, Piaget provides that children acquire new information to develop perceptions of their environment. More so, by balancing information assimilation and accommodation. Consequently, Senses and motor abilities help children manipulate their environment, reinforcing learning. According to Piaget, learning involves a cause-and-effect relationship (Human interaction).

Mental representations, symbolic reasoning, and language also facilitate learning. Furthermore, for kids with visual impairment, perception of the environment can be difficult, affecting their learning process. Because teachers and visually impaired students are not in the same environment, it presents difficulties for both students and teachers to enable adequate and smooth learning.

Human Interaction with the Environment
Human Interaction with the Environment

Online learning does not address the virtual needs of visually impaired students. Therefore, this paper provides a framework to understand how the perception of the environment using the senses affects development and learning. Consequently, This understanding will help develop strategies to improve online learning environments to accommodate visually impaired students. Expanding research on mental processes affected by visual impairment is vital to understanding how to improve online learning (Human Interaction).   

Turple, C. (2019). Information processing theory and impact on learning. International Journal of Research.

This article addresses the implications of the information processing theory on learning. The theory explains how humans process the information acquired from the environment. The theory posits that information processing is more than a mere response to stimuli; instead, it occurs in stages, like how computers process data. Information enters the brain through various channels, where processing occurs and stored for later retrieval. This understanding will provide a theoretical framework for the study (Human interaction).

The article provides supporting evidence that seeing is a primary channel of information entry into the brain, and visual impairment affects learning and development. This understanding can help develop strategies to improve online learning platforms’ ability to help visually impaired students assimilate information effectively and efficiently to aid learning. More research remains doable on the visual breakdown of information processing stages and applying them in online classrooms.     

Fan, Q., Wang, H., Kong, W., Zhang, W., Li, Z., & Wang, Y. (2021). Online Learning-Related Visual Function Impairment During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic. Frontiers in public health9, 645971. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2021.645971

The article addresses online learning for visually impaired students. The authors aimed to assess the effects of increased adoption of online learning on visual function and strategies to address visual impairment. Online learning can present additional challenges, leading to a worsened visual impairment due to increased screen time. Online learning also limits outdoor physical activities and interactions with teachers and peers, which are fundamental in the learning and development of visually impaired students (Human Interaction).

This article offers concrete evidence supporting online learning as not favoring visually impaired students. The information will be used to suggest ways to make online classrooms more accommodating to the needs of visually impaired students. More research is needed to quantitatively establish a link between increased screen time and the worsening condition of visually impaired students.   

Kharade, K., & Peese, H. (2017). Learning by E-learning for visually impaired students: Opportunities or again marginalization? E-Learning and Digital Media9(4), 439-448. https://doi.org/10.2304/elea.2012.9.4.439

The article addresses learning through virtual learning for visually impaired learners. The authors highlight several advantages of e-learning, including the ability for VI students to learn remotely, interact with teachers far away from schools, and continue learning at home. These advantages are appreciated; however, e-learning systems pose several challenges for VI students that affect their knowledge acquisition (Human interaction).

This article offers supporting evidence on improving e-learning for VI students through proper and suitable education methods and appropriate technologies. More research is required that identifies VI students’ needs and requirements adequately to develop a system that satisfies their expectations.

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