Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis – Week 4 Solution

This article covers Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis.



Do a one-page competitor analysis on this company, comparing it with each of the companies in the excel file


Hohot Consulting Services

Hohot Consultancy was established in 2016 to facilitate business collaborations between Europe and China. It has a physical presence in Finland and China. Its establishment was informed by collaboration between three business professionals: Zara, Xiaowen, and Eva in Oulu (Klasen, 2011). Hohot’s primary purpose is to bridge Chinese and Finnish markets by coordinating and operating business consulting services and marketing support. Besides, the company provides legal specialist services across different fields and operates in educational tourism.

Hohot employs an indomitable marketing strategy through education programs, company portfolios, tourism, and healthcare domains. Over the years, the organization has grown to accommodate more than ten consultants in various business fields and across different professions (Klasen, 2011). It provides a wide range of services in both China and Finland, including product and service localization, IPR and legal support, market research and entry strategy, translation and interpretation, E-commerce and PR management, taxation, and financial analysis. Besides, Hohot allows business incorporation in China and offers additional import and customs clearance, procurement management, medical equipment registration, and clinical trial in China.

Although Hohot services are based in only China and Finland, the company is extensively integrated with the business and social ecosystems, which is vital for its business operations. Most of these connections involve universities, healthcare providers, authorities, tourist organizations, hospitals, and other business-oriented connections (Skok et al., 2013). The two markets exhibit cultural differences though this does not hinder business collaborations but makes it difficult for most Finnish companies to navigate Chinese markets. As part of its growth strategy, Hohot focuses on increasing its team of 16 members operating in China and Finland and expanding beyond China. Currently, the company exhibits a critical competitive advantage based on its presence in China and Nordic countries. 

Norway China Business Hub AS

Hohot Consultancy faces competition from the Norway China Business Hub AS (NCBH). The Nordic China Business Hub was established in 2019 to assist companies seeking to do business in the Chinese market. The company has locations in Shanghai, Oslo, Beijing, and Qingdao and targets European countries, particularly Nordic countries (Finkelman & Lopez, 2012). Its services are focused on legal assistance, sales, production, visa assistance, and import-export assistance. NCBH’s target markets and participants are companies selling to China, producing in China, and setting up businesses in China. It also facilitates business needs, such as for those seeking Chinese partners and investors.

The Norway China Business Hub provides a platform for businesses to source supplies and distributors. Therefore, businesses need to identify Chinese companies that are reliable and trustworthy. The organization also helps create successful business relationships and identify distributors and manufacturers offering competitive pricing and a match for specific businesses and products (Finkelman & Lopez, 2012). Given its business networks in China and Norway, NCBH has a comprehensive marketing strategy that stretches across case studies on its website, use of webinars, and events. These strategies are presented in online and digital forms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

NCBH provides both consulting and professional services. Professional services include IT services, architectural and engineering services, legal and consulting services, advertising and marketing accounting, and scientific research services (Zhiryaeva & Naumov, 2018). Companies in the consulting sector provide services relating to strategic planning, marketing, and human resources. Through its expertise in the Chinese market, the Norway China Business Hub helps Norwegian businesses achieve success by opening opportunities and guiding them until agreements and contracts are fulfilled. Consequently, the organization exhibits a critical competitive advantage in advocating diversity among its multilingual employees: Chinese, Norwegian, and English. It also has customers across small and large companies in both the public and private sectors.

The Shincon AS

Another Hohot consultancy’s competitor is the Shincon AS. The company is located in Stavanger, Rogaland in Norway and is part of the wholesale sector industry. It offers consultant services and trade with China and targets customers in European countries, China, and Asian countries. In 2019, Shincon AS raked in revenues averaging $412,329 (Bullough, 2014). Also, the company has business personnel in China with the competence and experience needed to facilitate its product and service offerings.

Shincon AS provides Consultancy and import and export-related services. Its consultant services entail feasibility studies, contracts, specialized tours, registrations, management, and project implementation (Dackehag, 2019). Moreover, other services entail conducting preliminary surveys, market research, Consultancy, product sourcing, and negotiations with suppliers and governmental agencies. The company’s business networks stretch across Norway, China, and Uzbekistan. Besides, there are two companies in the Shincon AS corporate family with an online presence in LinkedIn. It is essential to note the company’s marketing strategy is founded on investing in environmental technology: Shincon AS benefits immensely from comprehensive networks across the legal, business, and official business relations. In 2010, it integrated cooperation with other players in the production of organic fertilizers in China. 

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Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis
Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis

Shincon AS focuses on upholding confidentiality with potential customers and suppliers. The company represents proficiency with reliability, honesty, and an anti-corruption attitude. Some of its programs, including the International Child Development Programme (ICDP), contribute to its values by helping attain peace and violence-free societies and have benefitted children, youth, and families worldwide (Kongshøj, 2015). Shincon AS exhibits a competitive advantage over other companies given its physical presence in Norway, enriched with information technology resources, and overarching confidentiality with clients and partners. Besides, the connection with cooperation in the production of organic mineral fertilizer in China. 

Norwegian Chinese Business Facilitator AS

Hohot Consultancy also faces competition from the Norwegian Chinese Business Facilitator AS (NCBF). The company is Norwegian-registered providing business assistance, consulting, and language services (Johansson & Nordfält, 2011). It offers direct trade between manufacturers and international companies for countries operating in Europe and America. Compared to Hohot consultants, this organization targets companies aiming to attain sustainable production and safe trade without costly intermediaries. Global trade is complex given the numerous chains of operations and intermediaries, making business operations more sophisticated and difficult for new entrants to operate.

The Norwegian Chinese Business Facilitator AS employs a marketing strategy that is founded on its company profile. Its vision is to be a leading supporter for Norwegian companies seeking to develop their China operations and promote international trade (Dobrea & Ispas, 2017). NCBF exhibits a profound understanding of the Chinese market and has, over the years, established business networks with significant industries. The Chinese market is complex and risky. Therefore, the organization provides a platform for international businesses to use their services to build the company brands through profitable agreements. 

NCBF demonstrates undeniable credibility with its customers. It assists Norwegian companies with production in China and facilitates trade agreements that are cost-efficient in exchange for quality services. It also has two companies in the Norwegian Chinese Business Facilitator AS corporate family. Besides, the company enhances outreach to customers by reaching out through the digital world. It uses two major digital platforms: LinkedIn and Facebook. For NCBF to remain competitive in the Chinese market, it is bound by company values of social compliance and environmental protection (Schiller, 2014). It has a critical competitive advantage over other players, given its concentration on production and sourcing services. Likewise, NCBF facilitates direct trade, and its functionality produces a strong network of possibly long-term professional relationships among traders and manufacturers with international companies.

Lær Kinesisk AS

The Lær Kinesisk AS organization focuses on improving business operations by improving communication chains between clients and manufacturers. The company seeks to help companies translate product information from Norsk to Chinese, given that its business networks are in China and Norway (Larsson et al., 2012). The platform provided by the company targets companies from Nordic countries that want to invest in China. Therefore, Lær Kinesisk AS provides consultancy and language translation services to facilitate investments in the Chinese market and establish contacts with the Chinese business community members. 

Lær Kinesisk AS uses a marketing strategy founded on Chinese language teaching. It contributes to the Chinese business plan of making business products visible besides translating Norwegian to Chinese (Kannaiah & Narayana Murty, 2017). There are two companies in the Lær Kinesisk AS corporate family, making the organization present across China and Norway. Besides, it boasts a digital presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. This makes the company interactive as it seeks to alleviate language and communication barriers between China and other Norwegian countries. 

The global environment is characterized by consistent communication between service provides and their clients. Lær Kinesisk AS has demonstrated profound credibility by helping Norwegian companies identify critical factors related to Chinese cultural understanding. It also seeks to increase knowledge levels on the Chinese language and culture among Norwegian companies to avert language and communication barriers during business transactions (Shayanewako, 2018). It also offers customized training. For a long time, the company has established itself through principles and company values hence helping companies from Nordic countries gain Chinese language skills and cultural understanding. Therefore, Lær Kinesisk AS exhibits a critical competitive advantage by offering services to remove language barriers and providing assistance to understand Chinese cultures. 

Chinese Professionals in Norway

The Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) is a dully registered company established in October 2003 in Norway. Its affiliation is a professional, non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political organization. The primary purpose of CPN is to strengthen interactions between Chinese professionals living in Norway. It also promotes collaboration between China and Norway in professions relating to science, technology, culture, and business. CPN’s target audience is governmental Norway-China projects and collaborators both in Norway and China (Carvalho et al., 2019). Services provided range from consulting, training, project matching to human resources. It uses CPN-based events for marketing its services and offerings. 

China’s markets are diverse in terms of products and services. Therefore, businesses in the industry should understand market orientation dynamics and utilize available resources such as CPN. Chinese Professionals in Norway operates as an independent entity without additional affiliates in its corporate family. It has an elevated digital presence in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, thus improving clients’ connections. It has a rich company portfolio with over 800 members. Most members are professionals in various fields: 25% hold Ph.D. degrees, and over 70% with master’s degrees (Dackehag, 2019). These accreditations fall under different professional areas, including humanism, engineering, medical science, natural sciences, social sciences, medical sciences, music, art, and architecture. 

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Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis
Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis

The benefits of having several professionals in a significant field allow for flexibility of services. Technicalities and other challenges can be addressed without having to search outside the organization. Instead, the company provides a wide range of services and has provided Consultancy to several governmental Norway-China projects (Rani & Kumar, 2019). CPN’s company values strengthen social interactions between Chinese professionals and enhance collaboration between Norway and China in science, technology, business, and culture. Its key competitive advantage is that members belong to Chinese heritage and know China’s cultural roots and markets.

Chinordic AS

Chinordic AS is a China-based Nordic consulting company. The company’s primary purpose is to help businesses enter new markets, understand Chinese and Nordic markets, increase product sales, and ultimately attain business success in international operations (Hanafi Zadeh & Kim, 2020). This is because the Chinese market is complex and maneuvering through it is a challenging process. Its customers are Nordic companies, organizations, and public authorities. Some of its services include Consultancy, import, export, sales, and distribution in China and the Nordic region. The company’s financial status enables it to facilitate investments through investment opportunity assessments and due diligence. Its annual revenue is $25,593 depicting adequate funding (Shaikh et al., 2020).

Chinordic AS has two companies in its corporate family, increasing its flexibility to provide services and reach clients. Its marketing strategy is founded on digital strategy, social media marketing, WeChat services, Baidu optimization, Chinese brand naming, focus groups, and planning (Shaikh et al., 2020). Chinordic AS utilizes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WeChat to facilitate its digital presence across its business networks in Oslo, Beijing, and Shanghai. Although its operations are focused in China and the Nordic region, it has highly knowledgeable, multilingual, and multinational professionals with an exceptional experience from different industries.

Chinordic AS conducts its activities both internally and externally under company values. The values include its total commitment to clients, excellence, integrity, knowledge and continuous improvement, passion, trust, honesty, and diversity. Consequently, the above attributes place the company in a good position, ahead of its competitors. This Nordic company is China-based with deep knowledge and experience of its Chinese market. 

Richard Chiu Business Consulting

Richard Chiu Business Consulting’s primary goal is to create value for clients by focusing on opportunities between the Nordic Region; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Greater China; Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. RCBC’s positioning in the Chinese market allows its customers to receive services with ease, given Hong Kong ranks 2nd and China 96th on the ease of doing business (Bican & Brem, 2020). It focuses on clients from Nordic countries planning to start their new business or developing business in China and Greater China; clients plan to invest in the Nordic products, services, or technologies. Consequently, RCBC offers services to bridge business activities and understand to enable business relations between partner countries (Bican & Brem, 2020).

RCBC employs a marketing strategy focused on publications and testimonials besides an online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. These strategies allow the company to be flexible in providing tailor-made services and pricing for key stakeholders. Its services are tailored for small-to-medium enterprises and entrepreneurs geographically located within RCBC’s business network; Hong Kong, Norway, and China. There are two affiliate companies in the RCBC corporate family (Sacher, 2013). The company has profound credibility in several fields; for instance, it researched the patent registration procedure and fee in Hong Kong and China and also compiled a fund factsheet of a small loan investment fund to the company’s Chinese partner. RCBC values are to focus on opportunities and economic strategy. It is competitive by matching Norwegian competence and China’s middle-income consumers. 

China Nordic Business Consulting

As Hohot Consultancy’s competitors, China Nordic Business Consulting (CNBC) positions itself in the Chinese market with experience in business development, market entry strategy and plays vital roles in multinational enterprises in China’s energy automation industry Norway. It targets enterprises and investors while providing essential services, advanced services, and digital media contents management and branding strategy services (Kharitonova, 2014). A social media marketing approach is utilized with a digital presence on Facebook and LinkedIn and a physical presence in Nordic countries.

China Nordic Business Consulting’s major markets focus on business cultures and business structures in China and Norway. The company exhibits sufficient funding for planned projects. Nevertheless, company values are founded on a deep understanding of Asian-European culture, good renewable energy industry knowledge combined with profound technology commercialization experience (Thach et al., 2018). Therefore, a critical competitive advantage is that CNBC offers a whole package to a new startup business or for business development from market entry strategy to marketing strategy and multiple analysis such as risk and regulation analysis, attracting the targeted audience.

Nordic and China Business Communication AB

Hohot Consultancy faces competition from the Nordic and China Business Communication AB. Over the past decades, China’s growth and development on the global scale has been tremendous, becoming the world’s second-largest economy (Zhilyakova, 2016). Therefore, Nordic and China Business Communication aims to improve working relations between Sweden and China with exports. It works to facilitate assignments with export development for companies in Sweden to China and also import assignments. 

Nordic and China Business Communication AB helps new companies find business partners in China for export and import and identify suitable financing and investors. The organization provides services for different sectors, including food wholesalers, Beer and ale, the wholesale industry, fish and seafood, management consulting services, and passenger transportation arrangements. Its online presence is depicted in the Google mail platform. Despite operating as an independent entity, the company also has a stable financial base generating $104 million in sales (Kharitonova, 2014). Nordic and China Business Communication AB operates with complete transparency to attain a good business network and culture while seeking to benefit Swedish and Chinese business relations. Lastly, the company has managed to remain competitive exhibiting many years of experience, deep knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market, and extensive business networks. 

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Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis
Hohot Consulting Services Competitor Analysis


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