Reflective Journal-Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems-Nursing Paper Examples

Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems

This week’s reflective journal topic focused on healthcare delivery and clinical systems. My preceptor and I discussed how health delivery and clinical systems are utilized to access quality healthcare services while promoting patient safety. I learned about current healthcare and clinical system components such as health promotion, primary, secondary, and tertiary care (Dellafiore et al., 2022). I also learned about the roles of nurses in each level of healthcare delivery. As such, I learned that nurses promote healthcare promotion by educating patients about disease prevention (Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems).

Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems-
Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems-

In the case of my capstone project, I will educate the patients on HAIs, their consequences, and the significance of implementing care bundles. I also learned that nurses are responsible for preventative care to reduce disease risk factors through daily activities. Thus, I will emphasize of maintenance of hand hygiene among patients and their caregivers to reduce the risk of HAIs.  Implementing screening programs will be part of my secondary intervention to promote early diagnosis and management of HAIs. Tertiary care will involve managing advanced cases of HAIs to improve patients’ quality of life and promote recovery (Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems).

One of the notable strengths during this week was my competency in providing care and support for my patients at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Effective communication allowed me to create awareness about my project to all relevant stakeholders and provide education to my patients and families/caregivers that is instrumental for the implementation and success. (Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems)

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Although I had a weakness in identifying the most appropriate strategy to create awareness about my project, my preceptor helped reach out to departmental heads in the healthcare facility to mobilize their staff. I also learned outstanding leadership skills from my preceptor. I learned that leaders actively promote EBP implementation in care using data from studies, clinical experience, and healthcare systems. Leaders also incorporate EBP into the organizational goals, mission, and strategic plan while integrating EBP into healthcare systems and government structures (Majers & Warshawsky, 2020). 


Dellafiore, F., Caruso, R., Cossu, M., Russo, S., Baroni, I., Barello, S., Vangone, I., Acampora, M., Conte, G., Magon, A., Stievano, A., & Arrigoni, C. (2022). The state of the evidence about the family and community nurse: A systematic review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health19(7), 4382.

Majers, J. S., & Warshawsky, N. (2020). Evidence-based decision-making for nurse leaders. Nurse leader18(5), 471-475.

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