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The essay for this lesson is required to be 500-750-words and clearly demonstrate your understanding of the prompt. Essays should be 5 or more paragraphs with a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format (

  • Imagine that you are an average person living and working in a developing country. You know how to read and write a little and you live in a small structure with your family. Sometimes you have electricity but many times you do not. You do not have running water or indoor plumbing or refrigeration. Discuss how you, in this circumstance, would see or perceive the Western world.(Globalization Essay Example)


Globalization Essay Example

In my situation, living in a developing country with limited access to basic amenities and technology, my perception of the Western world would likely be a mix of fascination, envy, and confusion. Here’s how I might perceive the Western world based on my circumstances:(Globalization Essay Example)

  1. Advanced Technology and Infrastructure: I would likely view the Western world as a place where technology is abundant and integrated into everyday life. The idea of having consistent access to electricity, modern appliances, and advanced infrastructure might seem almost magical to me. The conveniences that come with these technologies, such as refrigeration and indoor plumbing, would be difficult for me to fully comprehend.(Globalization Essay Example)
  2. Wealth and Prosperity: The Western world might appear as a place of great wealth and prosperity. I might see images of luxurious lifestyles, skyscrapers, and well-maintained urban areas. This could lead to feelings of both admiration and longing, as I compare my modest living conditions to the apparent abundance in the Western world.
  3. Education and Knowledge: Education and literacy rates are likely higher in the Western world, so I might perceive it as a place where people have greater access to knowledge and learning. This might lead to feelings of admiration for the quality of education available and the opportunities it presents.(Globalization Essay Example)
  4. Consumer Culture: The consumer culture prevalent in the Western world might be a bit perplexing to me. Seeing advertisements for a wide range of products and services that I could only dream of having access to might evoke feelings of desire and curiosity about this aspect of life in the West.
  5. Cultural Influence: The media and entertainment industry of the Western world would likely be a significant source of exposure to its culture. Movies, television shows, and music would offer glimpses into the daily lives, values, and aspirations of Western societies. This exposure could lead to a mixture of fascination, admiration, and perhaps a touch of skepticism about the accuracy of these portrayals.(Globalization Essay Example)
  6. Global Politics and Economics: I might perceive the Western world as a powerful and influential entity on the global stage. The economic and political decisions made by Western countries could impact my life indirectly through trade, foreign aid, or international policies.
  7. Access to Opportunities: The Western world might represent a land of opportunities for me. I might hear stories of people from my country who managed to move to the West and achieve a better life, whether through education, job opportunities, or improved living conditions. This could inspire a sense of hope and ambition within me.
  8. Cultural Diversity: The Western world’s cultural diversity might both intrigue and confuse me. The idea of people from various backgrounds and traditions living together could be both admirable and puzzling, as I’m used to a more homogenous environment.(Globalization Essay Example)
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In summary, my perception of the Western world would likely be a mix of awe, curiosity, and perhaps a bit of envy due to the stark differences between my own circumstances and the seemingly abundant and advanced lifestyle portrayed. However, it’s important to note that my perceptions would be based on limited information, and I might not fully grasp the complexities and challenges that exist in the Western world as well.(Globalization Essay Example)

(Globalization Essay Example)


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