Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example

Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example

How the versions of centralism differ across the centralized systems in Global Security

Centralism involves the organization of a government or state. Centralized systems involve a single government that plans and makes decisions, frames strategies and policies within a particular geographical area. Centralized systems have a clear chain of command, focus on a common vision, and quick decision-making and implementation. Executive and legislative power in centralized government authority concentrates on the higher power. Executive and legislative power can be shared among unit subdivisions, such as state, county, municipal, and other local authorities. There is a variation of centralism in different centralized systems in global security, which involves the cooperation of states (Osisanya, n.d.). Most governments have to some extent centralized constitutions that impact their participation in global security. Some countries are highly centralized, and only the higher power is responsible for all decisions. For instance, China has a highly centralized governance system, and the government vests full authority over a larger society.(Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example)

Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example
Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example

Other governance systems have a centralized government but are somehow decentralized as some authority is shared with local and state governments. The local governments can devise their constitution with slight variations to the central government. Some centralized systems are monarchial, and the King or emperor is responsible for making major decisions. The high-power consultation happens before making every key decision. In democratic centralism, decisions reached through the voting process apply to all members and followers of the party. Centralism controls all facets of governance: electing leaders, determining policy, and undertaking united action. Democratic centralism is common among social democratic parties and communist parties. Every centralized system has a particular extent of centralism which determines its political set-up and governance.  (Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example)

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How different preventive detention regimes across the countries in Global Security work

Dealing with offenders and criminals, especially terrorists, has become the main focus of governments in reinforcing national and global security. It has become the usual way of convicting and sentencing individuals. Preventive detention is the practice of holding individuals before trials in the assumption that their release is not within society’s best interests. Individuals are detained in fear that they would commit additional crimes or interfere with the investigation (Cole, 2009). However, preventive detention has become under scrutiny and attack for violating fundamental human rights. There are varying preventive detention regimes in different states. For instance, in Belgium, a review is done for every individual to be detained every month to determine whether their release would be a societal threat. France emphasizes human rights protection, and for individuals to be detained their rights are carefully protected before trial.(Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example)

The case is different in governments with dictatorships such as China and Russia, especially if individuals are perceived as political or security threats. In these countries, there is little concern for human rights protection, and their fate is left in the hands of police and legal authorities. The US has tight detention regimes, especially for terrorists. The preventive detention Act of 1984 gives courts the power to detain arrestees if the government authorities cannot determine if any release condition is adequate to protect the community (Norton, 2011). Also, the US courts could deny bail if they determine the threat of flight is strong among detainees. Some bails are granted but with strong restrictive conditions. Also, some bails can be set not be constitutionally excessive but high enough that detainees are unwilling or unable to pay. Prevention detention regimes work differently for various countries depending on the constitution and the government’s perception of national and global security.  (Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example)

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Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example
Global Security Comprehensive Essay Paper Example 1


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